Are inuyasha and kagome dating

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are inuyasha and kagome dating

Kagome is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess named Kikyo, Inuyasha's first too sharp as he once waited several hours for Kagome to show up for a date. Recently Netflix has added InuYasha, a popular anime that aired in the early 's, to their anime roster. For many people–especially if you. these are some close moments with inuyasha and kagome the first one there is no official "dating" going on between Kagome and IY (sadly).

You cannot have both Kikyo and Kagome. You cheat on Sango all the time and act like it's nothing bad. And Sango's never hurt, right? She just gets really pissed off. You can only have one. He wouldn't follow Kagome home; he knew that would only make her madder. But he didn't go to Kikyo, either.

If he went to Kikyo, everything between Kagome and himself may as well be over.

Are Inuyasha and Kagome dating?

InuYasha got himself lost in a forest and heard a voice. It was Kikyo's voice. But she was the other way! Good, the lousy schoolgirl has left. Now it's just me and you. I — I love you. But I love Kagome. Kikyo, you don't belong here, and I do want to go to hell with you. I would if I could. But it would hurt Kagome. You love her more. Please don't say that. Why is it so wrong to have both of you? And with that, erects jealousy. InuYasha, who do you love more? He loved them both the same.

So, how was he going to choose? If he said he loved Kagome more, Kikyo would kill him. If he said he loved Kikyo more, she'd take him to hell. While Inuyasha is fully aware of his love for Kagome, he also comes to realize that he is still in love with Kikyo, causing great difficulty as he can't choose between them. Due to this, Inuyasha and Kagome don't have an official relationship together, but are still somewhat romantically together.

Kikyo has been the source of many arguments between Inuyasha and Kagome and she is one of the most serious love rivals threatening their relationship on numerous occasions. Inuyasha's love for Kikyo causes Kagome to become greatly hurt and heartbroken as she comes to doubt Inuyasha's love for her on several occasions, believing he loves Kikyo more. Kagome also becomes jealous of the bond Kikyo and Inuyasha share together.

The situations and events between them become severely serious as Inuyasha's loyalty for Kagome weavers due to his lingering romantic feelings for Kikyo, causing Kagome to almost consider leaving Inuyasha for good.

However, upon fully realizing her love for Inuyasha, Kagome decides to remain by his side as it's too difficult to be apart from him and comes to accept that he can never fully forget about Kikyo.

are inuyasha and kagome dating

During a fight between Inuyasha and Renkotsu, resulting in an explosion, Kagome became devastated, believing Inuyasha was dead. However, upon discovering Inuyasha's survival, Kagome ran straight into Inuyasha's arms and embraced him, greatly relieved and delighted of his survival.

Overall, despite the obstacles and difficulties within their relationship, the love between Inuyasha and Kagome grows increasingly stronger as these situations also help to make their relationship become more serious. Aside their deep love for each other, Inuyasha and Kagome care immensely about one another as both are extremely protective of each other.

Throughout almost every battle they have together, Inuyasha and Kagome are always fiercely protective of one another as whenever danger appears, Inuyasha always carries Kagome to safety and does whatever he can to protect her.

are inuyasha and kagome dating

During some battle where it appears the odds are against them, Inuyasha surprises everyone around him as he lets out spontaneous amounts of strength in regards to Kagome's safety. Due to this, Kagome has been heavily proven to be the source of Inuyasha's strength and during times when she is not present, Inuyasha becomes somewhat weak and really worried about her, proven as he does constant fidgeting until Kagome returns.

Kagome cares a great deal about Inuyasha both in and out of battle in regards to himself and his apparent low class as a half-Demon. Due to his harsh upbringing as a half-demon, being ostracised, bullied and looked down upon, Kagome has been able to heal the wounds in Inuyasha's heart.

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Kagome also brings out the best in Inuyasha and helps him grow into a better person, helping him to make friends with Miroku, Sango and Shippo, learning to trust and depend on others etc, thus allowing him to grow more into a caring and considerate person. Koga Koga was a wolf-demon whose pack kidnapped Kagome. Koga was instantly smitten with her and declared Kagome to be his mate.

While Kagome clearly shows no interest in Koga, she never really brushes aside his advances, leading Inuyahsa to believe that she might actually like him more. Hojo Hojo is a classmate from Kagome's time who is frequently talked up by Kagome's friends as an ideal boyfriend.

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are inuyasha and kagome dating

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