Bachelor pad couples kiptyn and tenley dating

Wedding Pics! ‘Bachelor’ Alum Tenley Molzahn Secretly Marries |

bachelor pad couples kiptyn and tenley dating

Going into The Bachelor Pad, both Tenley and Kiptyn knew they would be on show together – unlike the other popular couple of the house. Current Bachelor Pad stars, Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn say it's official Congrats to the happy couple, they definitely look cute together. The couple — who started dating in after a friend from Taylor's Tenley next appeared on Bachelor Pad and found love with Kiptyn.

Until next season hopefully… Dr. The best signs to look for? He can say all he wants and talk a massive game. We met our freshman year of college at The University of North Dakota. Super caring, thoughtful, generous, fun, funny, etc. Picky is an understatement when it comes to my taste in men.

But he fit the bill just right. It was a pretty classic first love-connected at the hip- nothing else matters-type of relationship. Everything was great until he got involved with dealing large amounts of marijuana and possibly other drugsmonths into our relationship. It took up a lot of time, and it was always so sketchy and dangerous.

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  • Wedding Pics! ‘Bachelor’ Alum Tenley Molzahn Secretly Marries
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At this time he had transferred schools following events that I think ended up kicking him out of the state of North Dakota.

We were on the phone one day in October of hung up on each other after a fight, and after that, neither one of us called the other back. Apparently this was the last straw. I went on dates with other guys but like I said earlier, chemistry is hard for me to come by. Now a little more about me: When my dog of 14yrs had passed away inI decided to start a job as a traveling SLP.

It is a great opportunity to travel to parts of the world you want to see and explore. I am still young, single, have a new puppy with me to keep me company, so why not? I got to California in January of I FB messaged him to let him know I had moved to the area. We met up in Carlsbad.

We caught up and it was great. He seemed to be back to his normal self, now owns a Contracting and reconstruction company, surfs often, etc. BUT, I did not hear from him afterwards.

bachelor pad couples kiptyn and tenley dating

Being a traveling therapist is VERY flexible. This is so embarrassing. I am 28 years old now and still not over my ex I dated when I was 17…. When are you taking me out on your boat!? Brought you back to happy times. Well, minus the whole him being a drug dealer and all. I think he is a classic people pleaser.

Bachelor Pad's Graham and Michelle: Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke Discuss |

The type of guy who never wants to rock the boat, complain or upset anyone. Tenley seemed smitten with Kip pretty much immediately after Jake's season ended so that became their "storyline" for Bach Pad. They would go on the show and become a couple.

Being the people pleaser Kiptyn is, he went along with it and probably didn't mind since at the time, it made sense and seemed fun. They lived near each other, enjoyed the same types of activities and Tenley's a pretty girl.

But even then I paid attention to Kiptyn's wording.

Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke Are Back Together |

He never said he loved her, he never called her his girlfriend, never really behaved cutesie or affectionate toward her. She acted like that and Kiptyn went along for the ride, again, because he's a people pleaser and didn't want to let Tenley or "Bachelor Nation" down.

bachelor pad couples kiptyn and tenley dating

The highest compliment he ever paid her was that he "loved her positive energy" or something like that. I'm not sure I ever even heard him call her beautiful. After Kiptyn and Tenley got back together around the holidays someone posted on a People magazine article that she knew them.

She said Kiptyn had been trying to move on but Tenley made that difficult by always hanging around places she knew he would be. I can completely see this happening.

bachelor pad couples kiptyn and tenley dating

The person why knew them said even when they got back together, Kiptyn still had doubts. I'm sure he did, but why the 30th birthday hoopla and taking her to Hawaii with his family?

bachelor pad couples kiptyn and tenley dating

If Tenley is looking to settle down I'm not sure hashtag guy is the answer. She seems pretty spiritual so why not join a singles bible study group or something like that? It worked for Emily Maynard! I completely agree with your take on Kiptyn.

Win A Double Date With Bachelor Pad Couple Kiptyn and Tenley!

He comes off as a major people-pleaser as does Tenleyand he seems no where as into her as she is into him hmm, sounds like Kip with Jillian! Ultimately, Kip comes across as a guy who'd rather be nice to a girl than hurt her despite whatever he's feeling.

He's a good dude with good looks who probably has never had to pursue a girl in his life. Women are drawn to him because of his looks and then fall hard because he's kind, safe, and trustworthy. I just don't get how nice, people-pleasers like Kiptyn are unable to see how much hurt and dishonesty they're really bringing to the table: Carry something on for nearly four years?

Rekindle a relationship that he was half-invested in? The big birthday celebration? Get a girl's hopes up?