Big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Danielle tells Shane that HE is making her look like she needs a fu*king restraining order!

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Watch what happens, AS it happens: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds! am Up in the HOH room Danielle and Shane are lying in bed together. Danielle and shane bb14 dating. Big brother over the top fans, come catch up with your #bbott favorite couple shane and danielle find out what they have been . Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – FREE 3 Day Trial! Danielle says that she doesn't even want a showmance with Shane. . Joe talks about how they need to stick together and if they do it will be.

But that the right relationship can survive this game. Danielle says I hope Trey is listening to this conversation or that someone can tell Trey Gorman on facebook that she misses him and that this has been really blown way out of proportion.

Danielle lists off all the things Shane does and how initiates everything and that yes I do give in because I like it and I like the attention. She says that he is a douche. Danielle says she wishes she could just get a phone call with trey. Britney explains how embarrassing it must be for Trey.

Big Brother cuts the feeds to the we will be right back. Danielle says that Dan is cute but he is taken. Big Brother then switches all the cameras to Wil and Janelle in the kitchen.

Janelle is telling him all about her wedding and wedding dress. Janelle corners Dan and gets him to go into the arcade room. Janelle says that she talked to Shane and he said that he is voting to keep me. Janelle says that Wil swore on his dog too that he would vote to keep me. Janelle says yeah Frank he is acting like he is staying; he is talking about how on Thursday he is going to win HOH.

I just need to confirm with people. Janelle asks him when he will tell her what he is doing. Dan says later tonight. And I know you would not lie to me. Dan and Janelle leave the arcade room.

Okay are Shane and Danielle from Big Brother14 still dating or no?

Dan says he just thought out of mutual respect for a coach. Janelle then joins them in the backyard. They are silently sitting on the couches.

Wil and Janelle are laying out. Danielle agrees and says she thinks Shane would put Frank up if he could be back doored.

Danielle says if Trey had asked me to be his GF none of this would have happened with Shane.

Danielle starts talking about the more she gets to know Shane; the more she sees that he is mean. They start talking about how he has treated her. Dan says that he knows Britney and Shane would not turn on him and Danielle.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Danielle asks Dan what she should say when Shane asks her advice because he takes it serious and listens to her. Britney says that she wishes Danielle had won because she would have pulled the trigger.

Britney says that she was told by Ian that Boogie told Ian to put up Shane. Dan asks if Shane knows? Britney says yeah, but Shane says Frank and Boogie held up their end of the bargain.

Britney talks about how she wants Frank out of the house.

BB14-Shane and Danielle Cuddle/Sleep Together 1/7

Dan agrees and says that he is pretty rude. Britney says plus he actually is really good at this game. Britney warns them that this is the last spot before jury and says that it has to be Frank and Boogie up on the block. Britney says that she thinks Frank has best chance to win and that she could not deal him winning.

Ian tells them that Frank and Boogie wanted Britney as the replacement choice but that they agreed it would be Shane to go up. Joe joins them and the conversation stops.

Britney and Ian head inside to make tea. Britney talks to Ian in the storage room. Ian talks about why Frank and Boogie are after her.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Britney says she wants Frank out first. Ian says why it should be Boogie, he is so much stronger than Frank in this game. Danielle tells Shane that he is her best friend in the house and that he should listen to her advice. She then starts talking about all the mean things he did to her today. Shane says that he knows Frank has to go this week, otherwise Shane and Dan will be screwed next week.

Dan comes up to the HOH room to take a shower.

Danielle says if Trey had asked me to be his GF none of this would have happened with Shane.

Britney tells them what Ian just told her, she says they were planning to get Dan out last week and Shane this week. Dan says that 70 percent of his diary room sessions were about him getting back doored.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Ian tells them that their best move to win this game is to put Frank and Boogie. Every thinks Frank should be the target but Ian says Boogie should be first to go. Britney talks about how little Boogie needs the money and that they would rather sit next to him in the finals because no one would vote for him to win.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Britney says let it go by Power of Veto. She says that if Frank wins Boogie goes, if Boogie wins, Frank goes.

big brother 14 danielle and shane dating

Shane says that he hopes Frank goes, he has made it through being on the block 3 times, won HOH twice. They hope there is going to be a fast-forward and talk about how there is no have-not competition tomorrow. They agree that they will have to replace it with something.

Pick the Day, Time and Camera View! Ashley agrees, she says call me a floater all you want. Joe tells Ashley that a big move might be about to go down.

Are danielle and shane from bb still dating - Aurora Beach Hotel in Corfu

Joe tells her that Shane wants to know if they can trust Ashley with her vote. Ashley says of course. Joe tells her that it is absolutely imperative that she does not speak to anyone about this, no matter what.

They talk about how they are going to keep their head down and let the big players fight it out. Joe says that they are lucky to even be in the game right now. They tell Shane what to look for in the clues. Dan asks Ian if Boogie and Frank have any clue that he is working with them.