Dating differences us and uk tax

UK Tax History Lesson – How come the UK tax year ends on April 5th?

dating differences us and uk tax

Joanne should be told that the UK and US tax years are different. When converting earnings Joanne can use the exchange rate on the dates. Introduction to this guide to tax for US expats in the UK One major different is that for American's living in the US, the deadline to file . specialist will be in touch directly to arrange a suitable date/time for your consultation. In this blog post, you will find the U.S. - U.K. tax treaty explained as well as tax experts of Apr 13, | US expat taxes by different countries automatic 2-month extension deadline given for U.S. expats and FBAR filing due date;.

The correct phone number will be printed on the front of the form. More information about who should fill in a form You can get more information about when a tax return is needed on the GOV.

dating differences us and uk tax

Completing the tax return form You can complete your tax return on paper or online using HMRC software or commercial software. Deadline for sending back a tax return There are different dates for sending back paper and online tax returns.

These dates are called the filing dates. There are strict penalties for sending in a tax return late. The penalties increase the longer you leave it. You can find details of the penalties on the GOV.

UK website at www. You may have to pay these penalties even if you don't owe any money to HMRC, or they owe you a refund. If you're having problems completing your tax return, you should get help as soon as possible. For more information, see Help with tax problems. You can appeal against the penalty to have it removed.

Simple Tax Guide for Americans in the UK

To be successful, you will need to show that you had a reasonable excuse for not filing your tax return on time. The paper tax return So long as you send your paper return by the filing date of 31 October, HMRC guarantees to calculate your tax bill and let you know the result before the payment date of 31 January following the end of the tax year. HMRC calculates the tax bill of every tax return they process. However, if you file a paper return after 31 October, they cannot guarantee to tell you the result in time for any 31 January payment.

If you wish to calculate your tax bill yourself, you can ask the HMRC Orderline on for the Tax Calculation Summary supplementary pages and notes to work out your tax bill.

You do not have to send back these pages as part of your tax return. You can find paper tax return forms to download on the GOV. Go to the GOV. You will have to wait for up to seven days for a Personal Identification Number so do not leave registering for online filing until 31 January. If you do, your return will be late and you will incur a late filing penalty.

Simple Tax Guide for Americans in the UK

The online tax return will ask you a series of questions to bring forward only the relevant parts of the tax return. It will do the calculations for you and provide on-screen help as you go along. There are other built-in checks to help you get it right.

dating differences us and uk tax

Your tax bill will be worked out automatically and you will receive an acknowledgement that your tax return has been safely received. Keeping records By law, you must keep the records you need to fill in a complete and correct tax return. If your return is incomplete and you are then found to owe tax, you may also have to pay interest and a penalty.

You can find further information about the records you need to keep on the GOV.

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Use of provisional and estimated figures If you're waiting for some of the information you need for your tax return, you may provide provisional figures, so you don't delay filing your tax return. Even British nationals who have a dual nationality with the US should be aware that they may also have tax obligations with the United States.

This article is designed to look at the general tax requirements that American expats living in the UK must be aware of and the rules which must be met to avoid significant penalties — either in the UK or the US.

It is important to understand that this article is created as a guide only and must not be used in isolation to make any decisions about what tax is owed.

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You should always seek professional advice from a qualified tax adviser before making any decisions. If you are an American in the UK and would like a free tax consultation which will cover your UK and US tax obligations, please complete the form and we will arrange for a qualified accountant to contact you.


Taxpayers do not have to apply for this extension. However, any tax due must still be paid by the 15th April — failure to do so will attract interest on any late payment, beginning on the 15th April. However, a tax return might still need to be filed, depending on your circumstances. The primary purpose of double tax treaties like this is to minimise the chance of double taxation on any particular income and is usually delivered through foreign tax relief.

However, if it is not carefully managed, it may still be possible to be taxed twice on the same income. Correctly understanding and utilising the double tax agreement between the US and UK is difficult and should only be done with the support and guidance from a qualified tax adviser who can understand how to apply to rules to maximise any tax credits. It is possible to renounce your US Citizenship, however there are implications of doing so and your main motive for renouncing must not be to avoid paying UK tax.

If you are considering renouncing your citizenship you will need specialist advice from a qualified tax adviser. Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Most Americans living abroad are likely to have a bank account in their country of residence, and potentially in other countries. It is possible to file your own FBAR however, if you are unsure of your requirements or what you need to do, it is highly advisable that you seek professional assistance from a tax adviser who can walk you through the process.

Firstly, income must be foreign earned, which means earnings must not: Be received from the US military or as a result of employment by the US Government Be earned while in international waters — this is not deemed as a foreign country Be earned while working in specific combat zones as declared by the US president Be paid in the following tax year that the work was actually conducted Be earned from pensions or annuities — or other social security benefits To determine whether you can claim an exemption under FEIE, you must meet particular criteria, which means: You must have earned foreign income other than from the exclusions above You must live in a foreign country You must be a be a US citizen OR be a US resident alien that has a citizenship with a country that has a taxation agreement with the US for example, the UK You must have been a tax resident in a particular country, uninterrupted, for an entire tax year.

In the case of the UK, this means that you must satisfy the requirements of the Statutory Residence Test to be deemed a UK tax resident. You were physically present in a foreign country for at least days during a period of 12 consecutive months If you are eligible to claim an exclusion under FEIE rules, you will need to file Form or Form EZ a shorter form.