Drug recovery and dating

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drug recovery and dating

We are not strangers to these feelings but for those recovering from addiction, these feelings may be intensified and scary. Dating during. When partners of recovering addicts have no personal addiction or recovery experience, it can be helpful for them to know what their loved one has been. Dating in addiction recovery can often lead to relapse if you are not ready for what lies ahead. From the abundance of strong emotions at the.

Codependent relationships are not healthy for either partner. Be Ready to Accept the Consequences People in recovery often have a number of challenging issues in their past.

drug recovery and dating

Educate Yourself To be a supportive partner, you need to have a solid understanding of substance abuse and recovery. Visit sites such as DrugAbuse. You can also find a wealth of information resources at your local public library.

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Additionally, attending a support group for the friends and family of those in recovery may be beneficial. These groups let you learn more about addiction and recovery while providing a sympathetic ear when you face challenges in your relationship. Put Recovery First People in recovery typically have a lot of meetings and appointments to attend.

drug recovery and dating

Time spent with addiction counselors and support groups is an investment in a better future for both of you. Putting recovery first may also mean that you need to think about planning dates carefully.

Whats the Deal with Dating in Recovery?

Instead of going to a club or bar, you may need to see a movie, go on a picnic, or entertain like-minded friends at home. Of course, many dating activities revolve around environments where alcohol is used freely. This can be an unhealthy temptation.


Starting a new romantic relationship involves a close interaction with an unfamiliar individual. An individual who is in early recovery can easily be taken advantage of by manipulative people.

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Thus, the first line of advice to individuals in recovery regarding dating is to wait at least one year before beginning to date. This does not mean that one should not socialize with others, but dating with the intent of developing some type of long-term romantic relationship is often discouraged in the first year of recovery. If You Still Decide to Date Despite numerous cautions, there will always be some individuals who will find that they crave intimacy and romance in the early stages of recovery.

These individuals are advised to tread lightly.

8 Tips for Dating Someone in Recovery

According to Loving Someone in Recovery: Date someone who wants to develop a long-term relationship. Date someone who shares at least some of your interests.

drug recovery and dating

Date someone with similar values. Recognize the signs of a potential dysfunctional relationship.

drug recovery and dating

In addition, the book recommends that individuals in recovery who date should also ensure that they are: Actively involved in therapy: Therapy allows for self-discovery, and the therapeutic environment can help the individual learn to develop meaningful relationships with others. Always honest about recovery: Be honest about the fact that a person is in recovery from the very beginning. If another person cannot accept that, then they are not worth dating.

Moving slowly in the relationship: Do not move too quickly or be in a hurry to get serious. Not dating people from recovery groups, therapy groups, or work: This is a rule that applies across many different situations, and many individuals make it a point not to date individuals with whom they frequently associate, such as colleagues at work, people who go to the same church, etc. Individuals in recovery should extend this to include individuals who attend the same therapy groups, support groups, peer groups, etc.

Romantic relationships with these individuals can result in serious complications and much unwanted stress. In all areas, remember that sobriety comes first.