Dwts season 19 week 6 bethany and derek dating

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dwts season 19 week 6 bethany and derek dating

All 10 songs featured in Dancing With the Stars season 19 epsiode 7: E7 · Week #4 (The Results Love Will Keep Us Together Bethany & Derek danced a Rumba . 4evryng31trulyprue17Dimpleslightwing A page for describing Awesome: Dancing with the Stars. perfect score anyone got on the show at week 4 - it's since been beaten by two dances from season 19, week 3). Season 6's Kristi Yamaguchi's and Mark Ballas also had a few: The Sibling Team of Julianne and Derek Hough love to dance the jive together. We're in the home stretch of Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, with She and Derek seem to have a nice brother-sister vibe going on. Julianne says Bethany seems more "connected" this week than she has in The dance: Witney and Lindsay have been dancing together since they were 6 years old.

Chong injured his calf right before his paso doble dance yet still able to keep up with the choreography. Then late he re-injured his calf before he danced a rumba yet still be able to make it sensual! The fact that Tommy Chong is the oldest celebrity to ever made it to the semi-finals! The beautiful rumba, a beautiful capping off to an amazing contestant this season. Alfonso Ribeiro closed the night with an incredible jive that earned four 9's from the judges!

Then he one-upped it with a jazz dance to "It's Not Unusual"complete with the long-awaited return of the Carlton Dance to the prolonged screams of joy from the crowd. The unseating of Sabrina and Mark for the title of earliest perfect score by not one, but two routines in week three: Season 20 - The 10th year anniversary of the show: A dance supposedly full of passion and maturity In addition to that dance, the first 39 of the season had Willow dancing to a "The Hunger Games" inspired dance.

Since most of the DWTS pros specialize in ballroom dances, a lot of contemporaries on the show tend to rely on fancy lifts and neglect other aspects of contemporary dance. Allison, however, specializes in contemporary, so it's no surprise that her contemporary with Riker earned a perfect score.

Week 6: Pitbull Night

Season 21 already started out on an awesome note, with the cast leading a flashmob set to Icona Pop's "Emergency" in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, which transitions flawlessly from the previously-filmed footage to the live show itself. Runner-ups Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess had a fair share of great dances.

Their beautiful Downton Abbey -themed Viennese waltz, which they got to do again in the finale. Their sexually-charged jazz to "Everybody Backstreet's Back ", which was set up like a Backstreet Boys concert.

To top it off, this was their first individual dance to earn them a perfect score. Their first perfect score period was for the team dance to " This is Halloween ".

In the finals, they got the chance to do another jive with Julianne Hough's assistance after their less than stellar one way back in the first night of week 2. The result was a fiery jive to " Runaway Baby ", a rare instance of a jive being anything close to sexy. Then they topped it with a freestyle to nothing less than "Larger Than Life", in which Nick basically took what was expected from him and took it to the next level, weaving some cha-cha moves and Argentine tango lifts into an otherwise very BSB-influenced hip-hop number which ends with Nick as literally the last man standing.

Bindi Irwin and Derek, that season's winners, also had some awesome dances: The premiere jive to, appropriately enough, "Crocodile Rock".

dwts season 19 week 6 bethany and derek dating

Julianne says it wasn't her cup of tea, but points for style. Bruno marvels at Mark's choreography and spirit. Carrie Ann notes that Sadie lacked strength in the first half — but made a nice recovery in the second.

dwts season 19 week 6 bethany and derek dating

Love the staging and choreography of this, and it's a nice touch for Janel and Val to start in the audience before progressing to the dance floor. At a couple of points though, it seems like Janel's just getting dragged around the floor by Val. The only major misstep of the routine comes courtesy of Val, though, who sheepishly apologizes — after planting a big kiss on Janel at the end of the dance.

Dancing With the Stars Bethany Mota and Derek Hough’s Week 6 Tango (VIDEO)

Julianne says, mistake and all, it was the best dance of the night. Bruno loves the detailed choreography, and Len says it was an all-around success. Witney and Lindsay have been dancing together since they were 6 years old, and it totally shows in this number. They could be clones of each other, they're so in sync — and Alfonso keeps the whole routine grounded by matching them step for step. A great, entertaining way to kick off the trio round.

Julianne can't get over the "chemistry" and "passion. I love Tommy, but I don't see how Peta thinks she can get away with letting him sit down for the first part of this dance while she and Sharna do all of the heavy lifting.

It's endearing to see Tommy's hip swivel when he does stand up — even if it's out of sync with what Peta and Sharna are doing. It's entertaining, if nothing else. They and Carrie Ann are essentially rendered speechless, though Bruno sneaks in a reference to the mile-high club. Len's changing his ticket to London to Chong Air. Lea is going for broke tonight. She certainly gets a 10 for attitude and intensity! Bruno doesn't know how Lea stayed focused between those two beefcakes.

Carrie Ann says she killed it. Len compliments Artem and Henry for making Lea the focal point, and notes that he was probably the only one who wasn't distracted by the two men. Julianne insists she wasn't either. Once again, Bethany and Derek pull off a routine that looks like it belongs in a professional performance rather than on a reality competition. Bethany is more intense than we've ever seen her — a perfect match for the dark, hypnotic music — and Derek's choreography is typically top-notch.

Carrie Ann would have liked to see smoother transitions, although Len says the switching between the partners was "seamless. Bruno has nothing but praise for what he calls the "Mad Max version of the Argentine tango. I feel bad for Emma, after Mark and Sadie devote much of their package to explaining that she wasn't their first choice even if the reasoning is that Mark didn't want her to show Sadie up.

Combined, Mark and Emma do a great job of letting Sadie shine in the spotlight, and this foxtrot is wonderfully elegant while still really sweet.

Dancing With the Stars 2014: Bethany Mota and Derek Hough’s Week 6 Tango (VIDEO)

Also, Sadie wins the prize for best costumes of the night even if she does get upset because she forgot a step at the end. Len says it's the best trio of the night and he wishes he has an 11 paddle.

dwts season 19 week 6 bethany and derek dating

Julianne praises Mark for the risks he took. Carrie Ann gets cut off. Julianne laments the lack of salsa content, but she's in a good mood so it was still fun. Bruno says it gave him "jungle fever.

dwts season 19 week 6 bethany and derek dating