Jong suk and woo bin dating after divorce

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jong suk and woo bin dating after divorce

Go Hyun-jung (Hangul: 고현정; born March 2, ) is a South Korean actress. She debuted in She retired after marrying chaebol Chung Yong-jin in , then returned to acting after their . Two years after the divorce, Shinsegae passed down a ruling stating that none of its , Woman on the Beach, Kim Mun-suk. Highest Rated Titles With Jong-Suk Lee .. To find evidences of Sung Bin's innocence, Hye Sung and Gwan Woo visit Sung Bin's school dressed as high school. this post was submitted on 24 Sep The Best Divorce, pantamy, M T, 10/8, 11/27 KBS Drama Special The Expiration Date of You and Me (너와 나의 유효기간) He and Lee Jong Suk went to Hawaii together last month! / wpp/lee-jong-suk-kim-woo-bin-take-trip-together-hawaii).

One night, Jae-chan dreams that Yoo-beom takes Hong-joo in a date. In the dream, Hong-joo excuses herself to go home thinking that she had left the door at their house ajar.


Yoo-beom drives Hong-joo's car and this leads into an accident that killed a policeman. The disaster leads to Yoo-beom falsifying evidences, Hong-joo wrongly accused of the accident, and her mother dying just to retrieve her.

Jae-chan, who was the prosecuter in charge of the case in the dream, was unable to stop her from committing suicide.

jong suk and woo bin dating after divorce

Yoo-beom rebukes Jae-chan, thinking it was a form of revenge, but Hong-joo hugs and expresses her gratitude to him just as what she had dreamed of. The Good, The Bad, and The Weird Episodes 3 — 4 [ edit ] Although incredulous, Jae-chan learns that he shares the same future-seeing ability as Hong-joo though they do not know why they have to see each other in their dreams.

The skeptical Jae-chan thinks that Hong-joo is crazy and he kept on denying the existence of such dreams. While being interviewed by the media, her mother Do Geum-sook Jang So-yeon faints, causing confusion in the venue. So-yoon realized that her father, who was actually abusive to them, had beaten up her mother again. Knowing that her father will win once again in the case, So-yoon plans to kill her father by poisoning him. Seung-won becomes aware of her plans, though he insists to her that she must report it to the police.

Shortly after, Jae-chan dreams for the second time. This time, he sees Seung-won being carried away by the police and Hong-joo resenting him for unbelieving the precognitive power of their dreams. Utterly worried, Jae-chan tells Hong-joo of his dream, and he gets surprised when Hong-joo tells him of her dream. Just in time, Seung-won caught So-yoon in a store searching for poisonous chemicals, and he asks her to go home with him.

On the other hand, So-yoon receives a call from her mother. Sensing that something wrong is about to happen, Seung-won and So-yoon rush to the Park residence, located in a high rise apartment. Jae-chan and Hong-joo dash to the residence to stop them. On his first dream while sleeping in their patrol car, he sees himself arresting a high school boy Seung-wonwho was pleading for innocence, and Jae-chan screaming to the police to set the boy free.

Just in time, he sees Jae-chan and Hong-joo running on the streets. Sensing that the dream is about to happen, he follows them to the Park residence. Jun-mo arrogantly rejects her offer, but just before he starts beating her up, Hong-joo puts up a false alarm, prompting all occupants to exit the building. To hide from Jun-mo, So-yoon and Geum-sook escapes to Hong-joo's residence, accompanied by Woo-tak who offered them a ride on his patrol car.

Soon after the ruckus at the Park residence, Woo-tak sees another vision in his sleep. In the dream, Lawyer Yoo-beom arrives in the restaurant to convince So-yoon and Geum-sook to take back their appeal to prosecute Jun-mo so that So-yoon can retain her reputation as a pianist. Intensely frustrated and willing to give up her career for their family to be peaceful again, So-yoon attempts to injure her hand with a chopstick but Hong-joo interferes and gets her hand impaled instead.

To prevent the tragedy from happening and also to express his gratitude for saving his life, Woo-tak invites Jae-chan instead to the restaurant. While having their meal, Jae-chan gets curious upon seeing Woo-tak counting down from five.

jong suk and woo bin dating after divorce

Just in time, the door opens, and Yoo-beom arrives to meet So-yoon and Geum-sook. A Few Good Men Episodes 7 — 8 [ edit ] Woo-tak is amazed that his dream is already happening exactly as it is, except that he was having a meal with Jae-chan, not Kyung-han.

Jae-chan overhears the conversation between Yoo-beom, So-yoon, and Geum-sook, and just before the accident happens, Jae-chan intervenes with the argument and promises So-yoon and Geum-sook that he will prosecute Jun-mo in every way he can. Woo-tak learns from Jae-chan and Hong-joo about their future-seeing dreams although the trio are still curious why they were the ones chosen to have the dreams out of the many people around them. Jae-chan starts the investigation and gathers as many evidences as possible.

Jae-chan senses that Inspector Choi is unbiased, meticulous, and accountable in his work and apologizes for his doubt about him. It was the dream which impelled her to leave her job as a field reporter in SBC and to work alongside her mother in their restaurant.

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However, Hong-joo intends to return to work after concluding that she can change the future portrayed in their dreams, but her mother is against her plans out of her fear that her dream might actually come true. To convince her mother, Hong-joo brings a fire extinguisher and saves coffee shop attendant Kang Cho-hee Kim Da-ye who was bound to be burned to her death in a fire.

Jae-chan and Woo-tak, who dreamed about the same incident, works together to keep Hong-joo safe. Meanwhile, Jae-chan dreams of himself and Hong-joo watching the latter reporting on TV that a man named Kang Dae-hee was proven guilty of killing both of his younger brother and younger sister due to their insurances.

At her work, Hong-joo began covering a serial poisoning case of about cats around Seoul. On the other hand, Jae-chan gets worried after dreaming once again, this time seeing Dae-hee attacking Hong-joo and his sister Cho-hee at a building rooftop. Hong-joo, who was still gathering data about the serial cat poisoning, goes with Woo-tak to a chicken restaurant where she once saw a man feeding cats, not knowing that it was actually Dae-hee.

With Dae-hee on the loose, Jae-chan recalls at work the two dreams he recently had. To apprehend Dae-hee, Jae-chan and Inspector Choi request for backup and rush to the site of the incident in his second dream, just in time to see Woo-tak already wounded and Dae-hee about to attack Hong-joo and Cho-hee at the rooftop. Jae-chan gathers all evidences of the crime, which also points Dae-hee as the culprit of the serial cat poisoning.

Jae-chan successfully indicts him of murder and had him imprisoned for life. After the struggle with Dae-hee, Jae-chan and Hong-joo decide to recompense Woo-tak until his recovery for his efforts to keep Hong-joo safe. Previously, it was Jae-chan who requested Woo-tak to watch over Hong-joo after he saw the two dreams on Dae-hee.

Steadily, Woo-tak is having an affection for Hong-joo, although he is keeping his feelings concealed sensing that Hong-joo and Jae-chan are developing feelings for each other.

Hong-joo also sees another dream where Jae-chan crosses the street at night, carrying a engagement ring for her. A worried Hong-joo checks up on Woo-tak, shortly before Hak-young actually arrives in his house.

Hak-young reveals to Woo-tak that he has been falsely accused of the murder of athlete Yoo Soo-kyung Cha Jung-wonwho was one of his clients. Woo-tak, then, urges Hak-young to turn himself in and to trust the law after Hak-young swears that he may disclose to the police the secret Woo-tak has been hiding. He gradually thinks that Hak-young is actually innocent, though he is still clueless about the geometrical figure on the floor which was impossible for a person to create within a short period of time.

The autopsy results also showed that Soo-kyung has a history of otolithiasisthat she died out of cerebral hemorrhageand that she had no scars on her body except for a wound on her head. On the other hand, Lawyer Yoo-beom involves himself in the case as the plaintiff for the Yoo family, insisting that Jae-chan is being too time-consuming with the case. With the lack of evidence, Jae-chan sets Hak-young free. When the criticisms seemed to be out of hand, Hong-joo opens a link in one of the comments for an anti-Jae-chan article Korean: Yusugyeong sarin sageon hyeonjange pitjagugeul bonikka tteo-oreuneun sajin; English: Putting the clues together, however, Inspector Choi infers that Soo-kyung could have fainted due to her otolithiasis and lost a lot of blood out of a head injury upon her fall, while the robot vacuum cleaner ran over the pool of blood, created the pattern on the floor, and strayed outside the house making the inspection team unable to retrieve it.

To prove their hypothesis, Jae-chan traced the item with Inspector Choi and found it in an e-waste disposal facility with the help of Hong-joo with co-worker Bong Du-hyun and Woo-tak with fellow policeman Oh Kyung-han. Upon a request from Woo-tak, Hong-joo gives Hak-young a chance to make a public appeal of his innocence to be broadcast in the media. He had given him stolen photos of Woo-tak, Hak-young, and Jae-chan and speculated a bribery between the three.

As Woo-tak and Hak-young were about to get killed, the police apprehend Yoo Man-ho but finds him unconscious inside his car. Jae-chan is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment and he fortunately improves from his injury. Man-ho is also confined to the hospital due to his worsening pancreatic cancer. Hong-joo receives the engagement ring from the still confined Jae-chan, but along with it is a note which she had given to a childhood acquaintance whose father was killed by the same person who killed hers when she was still a teenager.

She realizes that Jae-chan was that childhood acquaintance, whose father Police Chief Officer Jung Il-seung Jang Hyun-sung was killed by a runaway soldier who also killed her father Nam Chul-doo Choi Won-younga bus driver. It was during the funeral when Hong-joo, a. As Jae-chan and the policeman were about to completely drown, Hong-joo rids herself of all resentment and pulls them out of the water. Because of these bad memories, especially of nearly killing Jae-chan in the lake, Hong-joo hesitates to wear the ring Jae-chan gave her.

Feeling sad about it, Hong-joo reveals to Jae-chan what really happened at the lake, telling him that it pains her to see him, the boy she nearly killed. As Hong-joo attends a book launching ceremony, Jae-chan intends to interrogate Yoo Man-ho for what he had done to him. Accompanied by Prosecutor Shin, Jae-chan suddenly remembers his teenage years with Hong-joo and feels a change of heart.

Miss Conspirator was her first commercial film, and the first film she headlined. The story depicts the struggle between a ferocious and ruthless elementary school teacher and her class. Jo, which will premiere in The actress has always been admired for her youthful appearance, largely attributable to her young and healthy skin which had made fans wonder about her beauty secrets.

The book, arranged in the format of a documentary, contains Go's own philosophy on beauty classified under six themes—texture, color, light, line, formality and scent—as well as her ideas on leading a sound and healthy lifestyle in general.

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The book is co-written by another writer who observed the actress's everyday life for six months, describing it in detail. I want to meet a lot of people and hear their stories. I have always wanted to do that and SBS gave me that opportunity. But Go harbored little anxiety over how her public image might change, saying, "I think I can afford to put a small dent in my image and have some fun.

The two first met in New York purely by coincidence when Chung had offered to help Go find her seat at the Winter Garden Theatre because her English was so bad.