Kenyaromance and dating comoys pipes discussions: Dating Comoy's

kenyaromance and dating comoys pipes

I picked up a Comoy's this weekend. The seller thought it was bought in the s or 60s. Stampings are. COMOYS EXTRAORDINAIRE. Hq entertainment network dating - Men looking for a man - Women looking dating show · speed dating the happy meal of romance · hebrew roots dating Created these awkward, acute and we know about 10 pairs older comoy pipes and got! Delvaro is situated in kenya local, greater bank accounts in greensboro, we. Great as the "first pipe" arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day. I looked up the date that it was first introduced to the market, and near as I can I enjoy this with a big mug of black kenyan coffee in a backyard recliner. . Pipe Used: Comoy, Petersen, Viking It will never threaten my romance with Skiff.

kenyaromance and dating comoys pipes

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kenyaromance and dating comoys pipes

This grade was introduced in to mark years of pipe making and continued in production until the s. Introduced in with the patented Patent Number metal filter system and still in production until the s.

Was this the precursor of the Specimen Straight Grain, I wonder?

Smoking A Comoy's XXL Calabash (9mm)

Certainly it was a rare pipe, and Jacques Cole tells me that they always had great difficulty in meeting the demand for this brand. This was introduced as the second grade to the Blue Riband around the same time to meet the American demand for a lighter finish.

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I am not sure when this grade was first produced, but it probably appeared just before the Second World War. This certainly was the top grade from its introduction. It is so unusual to find a completely perfect straight grain that shapes and quantities are strictly limited. This designation was given to any pipe that was out of the ordinary in size or grain. These are given normal shape numbers and are illustrated in the catalogue.

A History Of Comoy's and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes

Neither of these was as large as the series. The name Magnum was re-introduced by Cadogan in the s, but these were not really magnum sized. I also have an Extraordinairewhich is rusticated as apposed to sandblasted, but I believe this to be a very rare finish. Meerschaum lined pipes were produced from the s onwards. Dating the Comoy pipe therefore is far more difficult.

kenyaromance and dating comoys pipes

However, there are certain changes of nomenclature that occurred over the long history that assist in arriving at approximate time scales.

It should also be remembered that, as the stamps used for stamping pipes got worn, new ones would have been ordered and used alongside the old ones and there could therefore be overlapping of different style.

I have in my collection nineteen pipes with hallmarked silver bands that provide a reasonably accurate date for that particular pipe and therefore an accurate year for when other nomenclature was used.

kenyaromance and dating comoys pipes

Jacques Cole kindly let me copy his beautifully illustrated catalogue datedwhich is almost certainly the first one produced by Comoy. It illustrates 96 different styles of pipes, all with silver bands dated There is no C on the mouthpiece.

A History Of Comoy's and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes - Pipedia

There is no embossed C on the stem, nor any name or shape number. There is no C inlaid on the stem. These stamps are an oval rugby-ball shape rather than a round football. The stem has the three-piece C. Pipes can also be found with the name stamped across the top of the stem as apposed to along the side.

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It is the earliest stamp to be used and can be found from or perhaps earlier and on into the s. I have seen this stamp on a Cecil dated as early as and on an Old Bruyere of and then only on pipes from the s. Made in London England.

This was a complex inlay needing three drillings. First, a round white inlay was inserted, then the centre of the white was drilled out, and a smaller round black inlay was inserted. However, one of the factors that make the Comoy pipe so attractive and collectable is the stained finish that highlights the grain figuring. This was introduced with the Blue Riband so successfully.

This accentuation of the grain has more recently been copied by the Danish pipe makers to great effect.