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Super Junior Donghae Felt Betrayed After Learning about Son Eun Seo’s Relationship

Super Junior's Donghae said that he felt betrayed by Son Eun Seo when she revealed her relationship with Choi Jin Hyuk. On July 18, Donghae appeared at the. Strong Heart is a South Korean talk show or talk battle broadcast by SBS. It aired on Tuesdays from to Wednesdays It was hosted by Lee Dong-wook and Shin Dong-yup with Boom, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Eunhyuk as hosts of . 29th Strong Heart - Yoon Son-ha (Episode 49 and 50); 30th Strong Heart. Nichkhun, G Dragon and Kyuhyun are in it. You can talk, date and marry them. TOP is in the game too, he appears when GD Public Figure. ×WJSN×EunSeo 비타민 TW. Public Figure Play the game at: Dreamboy: Kpop Dating Sim Game .

And I hope that collectively, we will have over 10, followers as a group.

Super Junior's Donghae couples up with Son Eun Seo for 'We Got Married'

The other members are really popular too. But it seems like my looks appeal to them the most laughs. I think because we seem more familiar to them, they like us a little better. I was glad I could keep that promise.

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There is a lot to prepare before then. I had to consistently work out. We have this habit of gathering in his room after all of our overseas performances. Nothing special, we just like to tell teach other that we all worked hard and plan for the future.

We pinky-promised that we would promote as Super Junior years from now. We still know how to have a good time being sober though laughs. What do we call those who rejected him?

So as long as Eunhyuk is always the one getting rejected you guys will be happy, is that it? He was thinking about the damn audience and the people in that show. He was trying to make things more exciting but he just ended up getting hurt.

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Cut him some slacks and just watch the goddamn show for what it is. I have my fingers crossed. Comment by Melissa Yang — January 30, enjoy? Imagine how you would feel. Comment by Ewa— January 30, Reply This is a variety show, after all. I never take things seriously when it comes to variety shows. At the end, he admitted saying that he made a mistake.

Super Junior Donghae Felt Betrayed After Learning about Son Eun Seo’s Relationship

After eating, they then decide to go out shopping since the nieces will be leaving for America within a few days. They then stop to get some snacks on the street before going shoe shopping to which So Hyun says that she will buy them a pair as a gift.

Won Joon then objects to all of the shoes that they try on, saying that he thinks that they're too sexy, and pick out shoes that are old fashioned for the girls to wear. They then venture into a museum that has things from the past and they dress up in old school uniforms and even eat lunch boxes in an old school room.

However, there is something that the nieces are curious about. Nichkhun however, slowly gets closer to Jordan, neglecting Victoria and thus, making her jealous and wanting attention. At the end of the day, they go home and enjoy wine with ice-cream and a foot bath and is given a new mission.

For the Brave Couple, the nieces are having a casual conversation and even asking how many boyfriends did So Hyun have before Won Joon. So Hyun then attacks Won Joon by saying that he had many more girlfriends than she had boyfriends. They then get around to what they were curious about and wanted to ask, which was when they are going to have kids, but they said it in English because they were too afraid to say it.

So Hyun then draws a family tree to know the family better, the nieces then take the notebook and draw six children three boys and three girls underneath of Won Joon and So Hyun. They then go to karaoke and have a good time with the nieces before they leave.

Later, the couple tires to find something to do that they have in common, they try dancing and playing the piano, but nothing turns out to be right for them. Upon reaching Maldives, Khuntoria has some fun but their spirits are dampened when they find out their new mission: The Brave Couple try to give a couple activity a try, which picked out by Won Joon, is sewing. Won Joon then persists to buying a sewing machine since he finds them interesting and entertaining.

The couple then has a race to see who can finish sewing the fastest, with So Hyun being speedy, but Won Joon being careful, making sure to get everything right. Won Joon finishes first, even though his sewing machine broke in the middle, with So Hyun still trying to figure out how to close the pants, which Won Joon fixes in no time. They have a bet to see whose cocktail is more popular, with the loser having to carry piggy-back the other back to their room.

After the sewing lesson, the Brave Couple go to the market to buy something for dinner. They then agree on something with seafood and being to search around, even playing with a king crab and finding a store called So Hyun Seafood. Once they're home, Won Joon finds out that it's So Hyun's first time making seafood stew.

During dinner, Won Joon calles Kim Min-jong to ask about the relationship between him and So Hyun, to which Minjong makes jokes about them not getting divorced yet, about So Hyun coming over to his house without Won Joon, and how Won Joon should doubt their relationship. They then get into a fight about Won Joon's kiss scene in his drama since So Hyun believes that it was requested by Won Joon.

Won Joon then decides to call the director to clear things up, to which the director says that Won Joon requested it. After becoming angry, Won Joon then goes to the sewing machine in the living room and begins to sew in frustration. Won Joon gets another call, but that is also bad for him and also results in another little couple fight about the kiss scene. In the end, Won Joon goes back to his sewing machine. They then rehearse for the night activity which is essentially a party.

After returning to the room, they are given a new mission, "To enjoy the last day in Maldives" much to the delight of Victoria. They then play with the kids for a while, with the kids even riding on Cornie's back.

Both couples then have fun going onto the jetski, to which Jin Pyo and Joon Ryun told their son that they are going to catch a crocodile so he wouldn't get upset and cry the whole time they were gone. They then go to play water games where Won Joon gets pushed into the water, and then later Jin Pyo.

Won Joon then makes a bet with Jin Pyo saying that if any of the other adults are able to get across the water bridge, he will quit smoking, with Won Joon ending up making it to the other end. Consequently, they earned themselves a new couple name: The Brave Couple is still enjoying their vacation While they are eating, Jin Pyo talks about Won Joon's aegyo on the phone with his ex-girlfriends, which So Hyun says that she never got any aegyo from him. Won Joon and So Hyun then try to convince Jin Pyo and Joon Ryun to leave their children with them while they go off on their date, to which they finally agree to.

The time with the children starts off well, however turns for the worse when dinner is being made and it turns into a dough and flour fight. Nichkhun and Victoria held a farewell party to their th day of marriage. The tears had a particularly profound impact, as it was the first time that Victoria showed tears in front of her husband. Afterwards, the couple finally ended their virtual marriage of 1 year and 3 months at the 63 Building, where the two had first met,They also reflected on their past days of memories and seemed it was difficult for them to let go.

After eating lunch, they decide to learn how to make fig jam so they can use it as their housewarming gift for their guests. They then travel to the F1 Racing Track where they are able to go around on the course in a sports car with racing gear on.

The two then have a bet that whoever loses to the other one, as in whoever doesn't get the fastest time, they will have to prepare the food for the housewarming party.

Super Junior's Donghae couples up with Son Eun Seo for 'We Got Married' | allkpop

So Hyun then gets a package of a toy car that she had ordered using Won Joon's card. Later Won Joon then suggests making clothes for Cornie since its getting cold, to which he pulls a lot of cloth out of a bag.

The couple then receives their very first mission card since they got married, to create a unique family motto.