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loaves and fishes online dating

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loaves and fishes online dating

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loaves and fishes online dating

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loaves and fishes online dating

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loaves and fishes online dating

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The current church, inaugurated inwas built to the same floor plan as the 5th-century Byzantine church, some of the ancient black basalt walls have survived and remain visible. The Cologne -based architects Anton Goergen and Fritz designed a simple, modest building in a somewhat neo-Byzantine style. The windows are fitted with alabaster panels. The bright limestone stones were brought from a quarry near Taybeh between Jericho and Ramallahthe red bricks from Italy and the roof timbering from Germany [2].

The portal is a work by the German sculptor Elmar Hillebrand [3] [4]. Arson attack[ edit ] A glimpse at the Church of the Multiplication through the burnt roof of an auxiliary building. While the adjacent office and storage building was burnt down to its walls, the church itself did not suffer damage.

Loaves & Fishes

On 17 Junean auxiliary building next to the church was significantly damaged by an arson attack committed by Jewish extremists. This incident follows a series of arson and graffiti attacks by Jewish extremists against Christian sites.

loaves and fishes online dating

The suspects are reportedly associated with the Jewish extremist, ultra-nationalist " Hilltop Youth ". In Februarynew media reports suggested that the church itself had been closed for nearly two years as a result for the arson attack, whereas the church was opened throughout the time. The sanctuary is backed by an apse with transepts on either side. Under the altar is a block of limestone found during excavation, that is venerated as the stone on which the miraculous meal was laid.

Mosaics[ edit ] One of the main highlights of the church are its restored 5th-century mosaics.