Rebel wilson and matt lucas dating

Rebel Wilson on winning battles, producing films and dating in Hollywood - Vogue Australia

rebel wilson and matt lucas dating

Rebel Wilson with Matt Lucas and Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. . the movie, but he would never, ever consider dating a girl like me in real life. Rebel Wilson Reunites with 'Bridesmaids' Pal Matt Lucas! Rebel Wilson goes for a friendly stroll with Matt Lucas on Saturday (January 30) in. Matt Lucas has lifted the lid on his Los Angeles lifestyle with Rebel Wilson, who played his housemate in Bridesmaids and is his real-life lodger.

The pair met on set of the comedy film back in and hit it off while playing brother and sister The Australian actress dressed from head-to-toe in slimming black, pairing skintight jeans with a V-neck jumper, clutching her favourite Louis Vuitton bag in one hand.

rebel wilson and matt lucas dating

She wore her trademark blonde hair scraped up into a messy bun on top of her head and went relatively make-up free, obviously not too worried about being spotted. British comedian Matt looked equally dressed down, pairing blue jeans with a purple polo neck and finished off his outfit with a brown flat cap. Rebel and Matt had another friend in tow as they wandered through LA back to their house The BFFs not only live together but they're recently filmed a trailer for the MTV Awards in which Matt whips Rebel while she's handcuffed in a warehouse.

The blonde actress also got to shoot a trailer with Channing Tatum, which ends up with her straddling the Hollywood heartthrob. Wilson claimed that she saw herself winning an Oscar, which convinced her to pursue a career in acting.

Her breakthrough role came in after she starred the role of Fat Amy in the musical movie Pitch Perfect. Similarly she got graduated in the year with her amazing performance in her study from University of New South Wales with the degree in law and arts.

But 10 disgusting jokes in a row?

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Wilson says she and Lucas are both quite homey: You see a lot of things going on. We got an anonymous letter, which I read out on TV, and then they egged our house.

rebel wilson and matt lucas dating

We were only singing Annie. Do we constantly ask her things about Gaga? Sometimes he does this Indian character that cracks me up It could be deemed racist.

'Bridesmaids' Stars Matt Lucas And Rebel Wilson Annoy Neighbours In Hollywood With Singing

Now she has a real one to play with. Her great-grandmother founded an Australian beagle club and her mother and father were breeders. And they were all a little overweight. Wilson says she recently did a DNA test: Her mother sold pet products and judged competitions. At 29, she is the eldest of four siblings: She says the kooky names are a red herring: True rebels know who they are and do not compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone.

Whatever is decided at the time of writing, the next court date had not yet been setthe victory is already hers — the decision is unchallenged: There is a possibility, however, that the case may go to the High Court after the appeal.

The company has behaved disgracefully and so I thought I had to take them to task.

Rebel Wilson Reunites with 'Bridesmaids' Pal Matt Lucas!

I did, and won on every single issue. I guess in that way I can put it behind me, and at least anybody who did believe the articles knows now that it was all made up and that Bauer knew it was false and printed it anyway.

Her law degree helped, but for anyone it would be exhausting. She has been keeping busy lately, with five movies in development, some of which she will co-star in, and with writing scripts. In person, Wilson is focused and thoughtful. And nothing has changed. Over lunch we drink water and order barramundi, chicken, steamed vegetables and chicken-salt fries with paprika.

Wilson talks more than she eats and her food is left cold.

rebel wilson and matt lucas dating

She says she is proud to be on the cover of Vogue Australia for the first time and, of course, worked it on the day we photographed her in an LA studio. Watch her hilarious video on the set of our shoot here. The actress loved school and still has a strong group of friends from Tara Anglican School for Girls in western Sydney, with whom she celebrated a year reunion in LA last year.

As a student she was very academic, achieving