Sale brown and taurus dating a leo

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sale brown and taurus dating a leo

Relationships between a Leo man & a Taurus woman can succeed if these two Any relationship between a Leo man and Taurus woman is destined to be a. If you're wondering, No, I did not just describe a Leo in the bullet They are the sales rep at the used car lot who sold you a lemon for Narcissistic Rage: Taurus are bullies and bullies are narcissist. Niccolo Machiavelli (born May 3, ) Though little more than a political brown-noser during his day. Are your signs compatible? Read your Taurus and Leo love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love.

The bull is resistant to close friendships and intimate relationships as a defense mechanism. While tough and durable on the outside, she is well aware of her soft, vulnerable heart. A broken heart or failed relationship weighs very heavily on the Taurus woman, so she is inclined to put up many walls before her heart can be won. Intimate relationships between Leo men and Taurus women can be a flip of the coin. Either they will be blissful or troubled, and often not for lack of effort.

The innate stubbornness of both signs tends to rear its ugly head here most frequently. The Taurus woman will find that she needs to break out of her love for being at home in comfortable routine if she wishes to spend more time with her partner. The Leo man craves fun and excitement, and nothing is more displeasing than being home alone or with one other person.

On the positive side, both the bull and lion cherish romance and frequent sexual intimacy. Even if all else is in tatters, passion and sex will always be available. The Leo man will need to readily accept the soft side of his Taurus woman, as it will at last be revealed once a serious relationship has begun.

Her emotional side can be overwhelming at times, but nothing that is too difficult to handle. This pairing will forever be a delightful push and pull between the interests of one partner and those of the other. Any person who is used to having their own way at all times need not apply. Working Together Leo men and Taurus women have absolutely no trouble working together. These two signs may well represent a dream team as long as there is a clear leader well in advance of working together.

The drive for admiration and respect drive a fierce ambition in Leo, which means he will never slack off. Taurus women are also relentlessly hard workers even if for entirely different reasons.

Leo men are susceptible to becoming embroiled in workplace drama and it is hard for them to withdraw themselves from social aspects that are a detriment to their focus. Taurus women have no time for drama and remain focused on the task at hand. All things considered, in a business environment both should flourish whether working together or apart. Taurus women and Leo men feeling each other's call need not run in the opposite direction. There is a real chance for happiness between these two signs as long as expectations are tempered.

Compromise is the word of the day and it applies to both of these masters of stubbornness. The adoration the Leo man craves can certainly be earned and the Taurus woman can gain the one-on-one time she desires when everything is worked out and running smoothly.

The relationship will be a hard mountain to climb, but neither of you shirks challenges so why start now? Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about Leo man and Taurus woman compatibility.

Keen is for entertainment purposes only. Keen does not provide and is not responsible for any content or information that you receive or share through the Keen service. If someone were to guess your astrological sun sign, they would guess it based on what you show the world, which is your rising sign.

LEO rising Those with a Leo rising are typically giving, prideful, emotionally reactive, outgoing, loud, narcissistic, brave, confident, dramatic, romantic, and they are excellent showmen.

You have vitality and can be a bit of a risk taker, sometimes too much so. Extremely prideful, the biggest insult someone can throw at you would be to your ego. Appreciation is also something you require in order to feel satisfied.

You can come off as loud and tough, but inside you are a big softie. When you care, you are easily wounded. In regards to a romantic partner, you would prefer that they are someone who will make you proud, and you in turn would like to foster this sort of reaction from them.

You are very loyal to those you care for and would protect them fiercely if ever need be. Your anger can flare up suddenly but luckily this tends to resolve quickly and you are back to being your merry self again.

Dramatic displays tickle your fancy and you can be somewhat of a drama queen or king yourself. Being in the limelight, all eyes focused on you is not only comfortable for you but you seek this attention out. At times you can be inflexible and unyielding, but you do this in a jovial way. It is unlikely that you will ever forget a slight, particularly if your ego is damaged, though you will usually forgive. You are rather sporty and enjoy being out in nature.

You have an excellent drive and cheerful disposition, however if something goes wrong in your love relationship, it can zap the life out of you.

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Having warmth and love in your life is crucial to you. When discouraged, you may lose your willpower to live. A lesson you will need to learn during your lifetime is to be more humble. To Taurus, sex is hard work. It takes time and should do so. Taurus can still be kind of lazy in bed, wanting the partner to do most of the work.

Read all about Taurus sexuality here.

sale brown and taurus dating a leo

There are challenging and easy aspects between the planets and it is up to the individual to choose how they are going to utilize the aspect energies for a positive outcome. The aspects between planets are said to speak to each other. Depending on which planets are aspecting each other and the rest of the natal chart, will determine which planet is dominate and which is not in the aspect between them.

But ultimately it is up to the individual to decide how they are going to use the aspects of planets in their chart with their free will, in a meaningful and productive way. You insist on knowing the secrets of others though you will tend to keep your deepest emotions, wants, and intentions to yourself. Working out of the limelight suits you as you prefer to work alone, without anyone meddling in your business.

You have a tendency towards envious, possessive behaviour that can become obsessive and you may treat others as objects to be controlled; you like things to go YOUR way. You crave to be acknowledged for your skills and wish to be respected as an expert in your field. You admire powerful leaders who exude a charismatic and magnetic presence and you try to emanate their persona.

It is important for you to learn to allow others to guide you as you can be stubborn, insisting that you do everything your way, however this only stifles your development.

sale brown and taurus dating a leo

Fate tries to force you to learn these lessons by putting people in your life that will reflect your damaging behaviours towards you. The more you insist on sticking to your old ways, the more intense these lessons will become. You are extremely confident, believing that you are never wrong.

Others feel intimidated by you and may attack you before you can do them any damage.

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You have an obsession with death and the unknown. You enjoy creating though are never happy with the things you create, always reconstructing them or throwing them out entirely. Manipulation comes easily to you and you are quite skilled at asserting your control over others in a way where they are none the wiser. You truly believe in yourself and your talents, feeling certain that you can handle whatever challenges you encounter in life.

You know you have the ability to overcome whatever trouble lies ahead and will even conquer your own inner demons if need be. Inside, you are a force to be reckoned with and are exceptionally strong, persevering, and resourceful. Those who skirt their responsibilities, do not stand up for themselves, or evade their troubles will never gain your respect and you think very little of them.

Highly intuitive, you are perceptive in discovering the truth about the situation at hand. Try to be lenient with others, as not everyone can be as strong-willed as you.

Allow people to do as they may, rather than trying to control their lives. Transform your own negative qualities before trying to change others. Do not abuse the power that you have or karma will see you pay for it in the end. Keep in mind that you get back what you put in. In your eyes, there is only one right way to do something: Relating to the situation that another might be in does not come naturally to you. You may have the desire to, though you find yourself unable.

You act on impulse and would do well to develop emotional self-control for the tensions that dwell within you. Your feelings can be delicate sometimes and you may not always keep in mind the consequences your behaviour will have on others. It is not that you mean to be cruel, only that you are unaware.

Energy and will-power is usually stronger with this placement. However, it is important to take time out to relax and recover. There may be a tendency to scatter your energies doing too many things at once.

You would do well to foster a more patient, dedicated attitude. You have a great personal magnetism that pulls others in. There is a tendency towards obsessing over people and partnerships. In your relationships, you may take turns trying to possess one another, each person controlling as much of the situation as they can until the other has had enough and tries to turn the tables.

You can be jealous and also try to manipulate others, whether you do this behind the scenes or in a more overt manner. There is not much you will not do in order to maintain your power over people and the situation at hand.

Your intense emotions can create such a strong pull within you that you find yourself acting in ways that are irrational. Evetually your emotions reach a peak and you need to remove yourself completely from the people in your life and the situations that you are in, and start anew. You are not the most open-minded person and can be very stubborn in your viewpoints, throwing them at others aggressively, often disregarding new concepts that others are trying to convey to you, and always insisting that your opinions are correct.

You remember every slight, perceived or otherwise, that someone has done towards you. Work on your perception and you might find that people are different than you originally thought. Your feelings are so overwhelming sometimes that you are unable to reign them in. Finances can be an obsession for you as you need to feel secure. The biggest lesson for you in this placement is to temper the emotional chaos within.

You have a deeply rooted sense of rejection and feeling as though you are somehow unworthy, and this makes it hard for you to believe that the people you care for are to be trusted. This aspect will test your romantic partnerships to help you grow as a person and show you how to truly have faith in the people you are bonded to. You are aware that anything worth having may require some sacrifice and time. Effective, detail-oriented, and organised, your word is your bond as you have a realistic view on what can and cannot be achieved.

Your ability to focus allows you to work diligently until you have completed your task and when you do something, you make sure to do it right. Highly capable, you succeed at whatever you decide to fully take on.

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You are dutiful and never skirt your responsibilities. However, many times you take certain actions only because you feel as though you are obligated to.

You have a timid or quiet sort of demeanour, though this does not make others feel uneasy when in your presence.


Being the centre of attention is not something you seek, as you are not interested in displaying yourself for others. At either home or your work environment, you prefer to have things be neat and orderly. There is a likelihood that you may prosper by those more advanced in their age.

People in respectable positions tend to want to see you succeed as they are intuitively aware of your dedication to all that you undertake. Leadership comes naturally to you and you understand just what needs to be done to further your goals.

Mentally you are realistic, thoughtful, and demanding. You do not take well to others telling you how to do something as you prefer to think through it yourself thoroughly, analyse it, and come to your own conclusions as to what needs doing and how.

You are openly demonstrative of your affections without discrimination and enjoy nurturing others in a motherly fashion. Romantically, you prefer someone that has a high regard for partnership, home-life, and familial ties.

All forms of inconsiderate behaviour by other people are extremely offensive to you. Your charming, polished demeanour is welcome in any social situation. You excel at entertaining others in your home due to your gracious manner and strong desire to take care of people; others know their company will not be taken for granted.

You truly listen to other people and do not judge them for their mistakes or different views, so your counsel is often highly sought after.

You are likely to be gifted in vocal ability, the arts, or to be musically inclined. The way you look matters to you and you will take great pride in making sure you appear well-kept. However, be mindful of laziness setting in and keeping you from engaging in tasks that are laborious though necessary. Over-indulgence in tasty foods is another problem area for you and you need to make sure you get enough physical activity to counter this.

You are susceptible to eating your troubles away when you become emotionally compromised. Keep an eye on this tendency or it will create issues for your health. Motivation for physical activity can be difficult for you to muster up as you do not enjoy it much.

Despite being prone to shyness deep down, your pleasant and approachable persona gives you much popularity. You have a knack for creating beautiful things in harmonious patterns whether this is art, design, floral mixes, fashion, or music. This placement bestows luck in your partnerships, finances, and physical well-being however you must curb your desire to spend more than you have trying to achieve a more comfortable, luxurious life-style.

You crave pleasurable experiences and this craving needs to be moderated. You prefer focusing on how everything will fit together in the end rather than getting stuck on the miniscule details that would never get you anywhere.

Your tendency towards positive thinking can at times cause you to commit to more than you are able to supply in the end. You may over-estimate your own talents and capabilities and will express these inflated visions to others. Sometimes you seem to be unable to keep your mouth shut, even repeating yourself again and again during one conversation because you feel as though there is a possibility that you were misunderstood or that others did not hear you.

In addition, you will compulsively do something and then go back to make sure you had actually done it, for instance turning off the stove or closing the back gate. You may lack practicality due to your inclination to dream big. Travelling is likely to appeal to you as it aids you in discovering new information.

Philosophy and any subject that allows some sort of intangible speculation is going to be of interest. You do not need to be prompted to share your thoughts with others as you will do so readily of your own accord. Mentally you engage in pattern-oriented thinking where you put together things that others may feel are unrelated and have a preference towards viewing the entire puzzle instead of spending too much time on each individual piece. You crave learning new bits of information and it does not matter to you whether this is done through traditional methods or self-study.

When you have discovered a new bit of data you excitedly express what you have learned to others and would make an excellent educator. If you do decide to go the route of educator, you will likely acquire knowledge from your pupils just as often as they do from your lessons, as you have a curious mind and are always searching. You may also have a flair for the written and spoken word as well as publications of all kinds. It can be almost too easy for you to sell items, due to others instinctively trusting you to act honourably in regards to what you are selling them.

It is probable that you will often conjure up some interesting endeavour yet never get the idea out of your head and into practical application.

You have a straight forward way of thinking and communicating and would never purposefully try to dupe anyone. The positive attitude and belief in yourself and your abilities will aid you in your success. However, there are moments when you will not budge mentally and these need to be watched. You dislike doing the same thing day in and day out and look for ways to diversify your activities. Be mindful not to spread yourself too thin and wind up knowing only a small bit about many subjects, yet never mastering one.

Although this type of expertise may appeal to you and if that is something you are comfortable with, then by all means continue in this fashion. In your world, beauty and magic are everywhere! You are drawn to the metaphysical realm and strive to comprehend the meaning of all that you come across.

sale brown and taurus dating a leo

There is a strong bond between you and the world at large; you are at one with humans, animals, and the forces at work. You have a great amount of empathy and care deeply for others, always willing to come to the aid of those who need you. Expressing yourself creatively, whether this is through artistic, musical, or acting pursuits, is essential to your happiness in life. Although, your strong idealism and romanticism can do well with some practicality.

You are full of hopes and dreams that you are able to attain if only you can apply yourself. Karmic endeavours in past lives have set you up to build on your psychic abilities and turn them into reality by aiding those you come across in this life. You are able to remove yourself from your earthly self and connect spiritually when in need of advice.

The Taurus Woman

You have a particular fondness for the arts, higher principles, and sophistication. Premonitions or guidance may come to you in odd forms. Delicate emotionally, you will avoid conflict if possible. You possess a magnetic quality and an almost magical allure.

Others may need to watch out when you become angry as this can happen rather suddenly and the process can destroy everything around you. Inwardly you have a craving towards reforming old traditions whether or not these changes will be beneficial; you have a rebellious nature. There is a restlessness within you that causes you to be always on the move, looking for new adventures. Dangerous situations and risky ventures do not deter you and you may find these even more exciting for being so.

Often you are impatient and insist that you have your way the moment you decide on something. Many times you will follow your own course without thought to how it may affect anyone or anything else.

Others may view you as selfish and arrogant. You have a tough time sticking to any course long-term as you are unsure what it is that you are actually trying to accomplish. Working as a team is difficult for you though it would be highly beneficial for you to develop a way to compromise with others. You communicate your wishes directly and perhaps at times bluntly; others are usually aware where they stand with you and what you are looking for. You require a great deal of independence to be able to do things as you see fit and if things do not go the way you envisioned, you can burst forth with anger; working for yourself or in solitude is probably best for you.

This placement insists that you develop a way to be patient with others and if you refuse to, fate will throw you into circumstances that will force your hand.

Volatile situations, and people, are drawn to you so as to show you how to manoeuvre in them. Trust in your intuition as it is particularly strong and usually accurate. You are prone to accidental injuries and mistakes due to your inability to pace yourself, always rushing ahead without thinking; try to come with a tentative plan in the least. This is the lesson you are required to learn with this placement, in addition to developing discipline and self-restraint.

The situations that you have experienced previously tend to stick with you more than most and you must learn to trust others. Your past life karma implies that you did not behave in the best manner with others and here is your chance to make amends and learn forgiveness when you are wronged.

This placement insists that you find a way to treat others kindly despite of the way they treat you. Seclusion from the world will not aid you on your journey; you need to stay amidst the trouble and figure out the moral course of action as this is the only path towards conquering the coarseness within you. Confront the difficulties before you and the people who are creating struggles for you, have faith that this is the way to redeem yourself.

The more you suffer the more you will learn to submit to the course fate has put before you, the more you give in to this the more likely you will be to reach enlightenment and redemption. This placement helps to balance your feelings even when circumstances are difficult. Others may be frantic during these times, yet you remain calm and collected. You are reasonable and unbiased during stressful situations which help you to solve the underlying issue amidst emotional chaos.

This placement allows you to concentrate more effectively. You do not skirt your duties and people know they can rely on you to do what you have committed to doing. You are loyal to those in your circle and to the people you feel close to, supporting them behind the scenes. You dislike being idle and enjoy watching the fruit of your labour. Mentally you tend to stick to the conservative route, letting tradition guide you.

sale brown and taurus dating a leo

Frivolous thoughts for the sake of fun are not really your cup of tea; you take a more sombre approach. However, you are not always able to show your feelings towards those you care for. It would be beneficial if you could develop a more open manner and convey these inner emotions outwardly to them somehow. You are independent and methodical, as well as having a good ability to organise, handle money and business, and behave diplomatically when interacting with people.

You are very patient and willing to persevere until you have reached your goal. You are ethical, dutiful, faithful, and fair. You are charismatic, tender, caring, compassionate, pleasant, and always willing to lend a helping hand. There is a gift for creativity of some form and you tend to avoid conflict or confrontations, preferring to keep things agreeable.

A lovely atmosphere is essential to you and you take pride in the way you look personally as well. Luck seems to follow you as good experiences tend to be drawn to you and whatever you require just seem to come to you. You strive for a pleasant, relaxing, and lavish environment as you feel it is essential to your happiness.

The place you live must be beautiful. You are not one for manual labour. There is a strong interest in artistic pursuits. You rarely feel lonely as it is easy for you to attract others due to your out-going and friendly nature. You enjoy expressing your affections but only feel comfortable doing so if the other person is demonstrative as well. Change is a large theme in your life and is there to help you develop and grow.

You have excellent self-restraint and dedication during trying periods. Intuitively you are aware that these periods will not go on forever and that if you just allow things to flow where they may, in time the situation will improve naturally.

You may be involved with the public somehow as your drive seems to seek this situation out; you feel that somehow this is position is fated. Emotionally you are able to restrict your feelings as well as mentally guide your thinking so as to not become wrapped up in overly intense displays. Others look to you as a leader for you are controlled, disciplined, truthful, sensible, and dependable, with a good head on your shoulders.

There is an innate understanding that you must work hard for the merits you attain and this allows you to display a good deal of patience when rising in achievement.

It may be important for you to take time for yourself to recover your energies, as you can sometimes feel communication with others is puzzling or frightening somehow.