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Find out about Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi, published by Egmont Publishing. Reading Street · Reading Advice with her husband, Ransom Riggs, fellow bestselling author of Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Author: Tahereh Mafi; ISBN: ; Publication Date: April 05, ; Age Range: From 12 years. If you didn't already know, authors Tahereh Mafi and her husband Ransom Riggs are the ultimate literary #couplegoals. Tahereh is the author of the bestselling. BY ADRIENNE CREZO Bestselling YA author Ransom Riggs talks about breaking rules, Luckily, Riggs decided to take the editor's advice. . So you live in Los Angeles with your wife, bestselling YA author Tahereh Mafi. . With a subscription, you can easily locate new, up-to-date markets for publishing.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a novelist … but then around the eighth grade I discovered movies and I became completely obsessed and lost myself in this dream of making movies.

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My friends and I had a video camera, and we would make movies all the time. I knew I wanted to go to film school, but I also knew I wanted to learn things first. I wanted to learn about the important ideas and read the great books, so I went to Kenyon [College], but always with the understanding that I would go to film school afterward.

The writing thing came about completely by accident. I think [filmmaking] was a way for me to get into novel writing, which is not something I might have done on my own. The story has all this momentum of its own now. Will that momentum carry the Peculiar Children series beyond the three books you have planned? Do you follow any specific writing rules? I always distrust overly specific writing advice. I think the difficult thing with learning how to write is not learning the style or rules, but figuring out what story you want to tell.

I spent a lot of time telling the wrong stories, especially when … I was in college or when I was a kid trying to imitate C. Lewis or Stephen King. I would think, Well, the sentences are correct, and the characters are talking and everything looks right, and it seems like a story.

Do you take days off?

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Oh, all the time! I spent the last three months plotting book three [of the Peculiar Children series]. I find myself retreating from social media when I need to work. I have nothing to show for it. Except that funny tweet, of course. And you two work together.

Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs: Inside the authors' magical storytelling factory

Do you share a desk? You share a lot of your social media time with Tahereh, too, which your fans seem to love. But it seems as if it could become overwhelming at a certain point. Do you ever try to hold back? How about some parting advice for writers? Just unclench, live your life and spend less time berating yourself. The Chronicles of Narnia. The Prince and the Pauper.

Everything by Roald Dahl. All of these reflections that I have or all of my observations about this book all happened retroactively. Finally I could be free to explore any perspective, any country, any time. It was a lot of fun. It looks like a found object. To say he was my first choice for illustrator is underselling it. For Mafi, a companion novel to Furthermore is in the works for next year.

Mafi winds up, and pitches: I had a lot of fun writing it. You see some of the same characters from the first book, but it revolves around a completely different character. But as fall sweeps over our real world, the two will be spending their days outrunning it. Another advantage to having their latest stories debut simultaneously?