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R15 version 1 for sale in bangalore dating. Its only when you go pass rpm then you can notice the slow behavior of this engine. For superior. 19/11/ SUZUKI SWIFT Sport results. 02/05/ Mitsubishi EVO X (1 ). results. 02/05/ Mitsubishi EVO X (2). results · more +. Join Date: Jul ; Location: Bangalore/Bokaro; Posts: 8, . 1. NO RASH RIDING WILL BE TOLERATED. We are here to ride Are your brakes that bad? have you ridden another r15 to compare if your brakes are not good? . i have done km aprox since purchase and usually bike does.

Late Dec I got a call from the showroom saying that as per priority list, my bike was ready for delivery on 5Jan Would I u be interested to take it or should we assign it to someone else, was the question. Suddenly gifting myself on my birthday and all started sounding so very stupid. Yes was the answer. Went to the showroom, made the payment and was all ready to take the delivery on 5Jan Being a lucky day because of a festival celebrated in South, my in laws were very happy with the date.

My parents being aligned to the number 5 were also happy. Having both sides happy is a rare things hence it suddenly made so much sense to collect it on that date itself. My wife had a requirement of the numbers to be added to 9 and for that there was some extra payment. We hope to get the number quite similar to the car. The night before I took out my long forgotten Cramster Jacket, Cramster Gloves and the Helmet which was destined to be used sometime soon. And now is the time.

I went for work in the morning and asked my wife to pick me up at around hrs to take me to the showroom because the delivery was expected at hrs. All was set till I got a call from the showroom saying that the bike is ready to be delivered by hrs itself.

I could pick it up anytime from then. If I could pre-pone the buy couple of months before, why not few hours too.

Yamaha YZF R15S

Asked my wife to come over earlier, went to the showroom and there it was. I had seen v2. She was thrilled and I thought I was the only person excited. My 22 month young son was all excited too. He wanted to sit in the bike and once he sat, he just did not want to come down. Ah, so a biker he is too While the fit and finish always allured me to this bike, this time the design cues also helped. The look alike carbon fiber tags were a good addition too. The bike was delivered, the pre-delivery check list extracted from various sites was checked and I was now ready to hop on.

Wife left with my son while it was now time for just me and the bike. The moment that I was waiting for.

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Hopped on the bike and I was greeted with quality all over. Glad I stick to Yamaha. Put the key to ignition position and there came the self check.

Can't be more happy to get a delivery with 0. Pressed the thumb to give life to the engine and there it was. No major fiasco and it sounded just how a 17 bhp engine should. Being a Yamaha user it did not take time to get used to the gear pattern.

I moved ahead and was continuously being reminded of the fact that I was running on 1 ltr of petrol. I had marked a Shell Petrol pump on the way and that was my next stop. On the way I realized that this bike still has the "new bike" on the street feel.

I could not save myself off the question, "Kitna deti hain". I had to politely reply that I just bought it and I hope I do not finish off the only liter of petrol in the bike to really know the mileage.

Reached the Shell petrol pump and was greeted Namaste followed by the question of Super or not. Super it is and a tankful never sounded better with a INR bill. Being away from bikes for so long the first mistake I was doing is to stop the indicator after the turn.

Abhishek, it does not have a cancellor.

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What you see is where you see. Apart from the wider front tyre and darker visor, there is nothing else which differentiates it with the earlier version. The braking system of this bike has been up-graded with bigger discs on its both wheels.

The bike gets a newly developed fairing and twin-seat layout. The blue back light looks funky at night but could have been darker in color. The clips on handle are nice and convenient to hold and the overall feel while you drive this bike is magnificent. More or less, the feel and throttle response of this engine is same to that of the outgoing model. New seat is also very comfortable with foot pegs being placed much behind than normal. The bike also gets new silencer with carbon finishing and a nameplate on it.

However there are no vibrations till rpm and the refinement level is also very satisfactory but the high end performance of the engine indicates at its lower displacement. With new full-fairing and several new elements, the fully-faired motorcycle has witnessed some increase in weight.