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Radioactive Decay Lab file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And December 18th, - Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a and students that reinforce student learning through practice and instant Answers — gt TOP MECHANICAL Interview Questions lt — —– gt. Laboratory Activities. Student Text Lab Worksheet . dated using the potassium- argon radioactive decay method. Lucy was What do the elements and their isotopes have in common? interview a physician who uses tracers to find out. Radiometric dating is a method used to determine the age of rocks and other materials based on the rate of radioactive decay. Learn about three common types.

It may hence be possible to create an excited state of an atomic nucleus using light from a laser. The design would be times more accurate than current atomic clocks and might be used in applications such as higher-precision GPS satellites and experiments that probe fundamental physics.

Atomic clocks measure time using the oscillations of a single atom and are accurate to 17 decimal places. They are in widespread use for GPS measurements and synchronization in particle accelerator experiments, and you can even set your laptop to one. The research is due to appear in an upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters. The energies of a nucleus are vastly bigger and the timescales much shorter than those for electrons. Moon's chemical composition The Gamma-ray Spectrometer Experiment was established to measure the composition of the lunar surface.

In order to better understand the Moon's overall chemical composition, the Gamma-ray Spectrometer and the X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer studied the composition of the Moon's surface from lunar orbit. Some elements, such as uranium and thorium, are naturally radioactive and emit gamma-rays as part of their radioactivity.

The bombardment of the lunar surface by galactic cosmic rays causes some other elements to emit gamma-rays. The Gamma-ray Spectrometer measured this radiation from lunar orbit to produce maps of the abundances of thorium, iron, and titanium on the lunar surface.

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This experiment found high iron abundances over all mare regions and lower abundances elsewhere. Thorium and titanium abundances were also highest over mare regions, but these two elements varied considerably in abundance in different parts of the maria. Concentration of thorium on the moon, red shows high concentration. A new study showed that a zircon crystal discovered 15 years back from the Jack Hills region of Australia dates some 4.

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Zircons are considered the oldest terrestrial materials found in sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. They contain fine traces of uranium and thorium and, having survived erosion and metamorphism, they are bundled with rich and varied records of geological processes.

Of course, one possible explanation for these results is contamination. In his presentation, however, Dr. Seiler gives several lines of argument that tend to cast doubt on such an explanation. First, all the standard treatment used to make a fossil ready for carbon dating was done, which is supposed to get rid of contamination. Second, in some cases, they were examining actual proteins, such as collagen.

Third, there are some chemicals like humic acid that are common contaminants, and it was confirmed that the treatment done on the samples removed those contaminants. Fourth, the amount of carbon in the vicinity of the fossil decreased as you moved away from the fossil.

However, I thought the most striking argument he made against the contamination explanation was his last.

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He showed a graph that ordered the samples according to their amount of carbon, and he showed that they naturally separate into four distinct groups. The plants were all in the group that had the lowest level of carbon, while the dinosaurs and megafauna formed three other groups.

This kind of structure would not be expected in data that come from contamination. They strengthen the case for a discord between carbon dating and old-earth thinking, but they are by no means conclusive. Even combined with the previous studies, for example, the specimens represent only a small fraction of what is available to measure. Also, until there is some explanation for the trends in the data, such as the grouping I mentioned above, there is always the possibility of an alternative explanation.

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