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Tinder is great for finding a quick hookup with someone nearby where you live, and it's especially handy if you're looking for a vacation fling or a local to show you around while you're traveling. It's pretty much online dating without the commitment: You can use it when you're bored, ignore it for three weeks, and come back to find new matches and a new crowd to swipe through.

This isn't to say that Tinder is only used for finding a one night stand or friends with benefits situation, though. A lot of people are truly on Tinder to find a real relationship, and it's likely that you know at least one couple that met on Tinder if you don't, just look at these mushy Tinder success stories.

Because you're making your swipe decision based on someone's photos and a tiny bio that's usually just a Parks and Recreation quote, Tinder gets a lot of shit for being superficial. And if you're only looking for a casual encounter, this speedy, no-frills process is exactly what you want. You mean, other than the obvious fact that you'll probably get carpal tunnel from having to swipe through so many profiles?

Well, there is no real matchmaking process, so Tinder will suggest literally every single person in the age range and distance radius that you set. And if you specifically opted to only see matches of the same gender, Tinder will still throw the opposite gender in there, because they apparently don't believe that you can actually just be gay. There's a disadvantage to the whole swiping-based-on-photos thing, too: Because true matchmaking is nonexistent, that face of that hottie who you matched with might be the only thing you like about them.