Can christians dating mormons

Mormons - 10 Things You Should Know About Their Beliefs

can christians dating mormons

Dating is a sensitive subject. In the first of three segments, we take a look at whether or not Mormonism is the same as biblical Christianity. In her freshman year at college, Lisa began dating a Christian baseball “If you tell a Mormon that he's sinful that's about the most offensive thing you could say. If the person you are dating is a cultural Mormon, or non-practicing, A true Christian church should never claim to be the ONLY true Church.

A relationship with another human should never mean more than a relationship with God. The end does not justify the means. Christians who emotionally manipulate Mormons for the purpose of conversion place their integrity in a precarious situation. Why should the Mormon seriously consider following the Bible when the Christian obviously is not heeding its admonition?

You have the missionaries come over and try to convince you. You ask me or someone like me to try to convince him. Here is what I hear you saying in your post: However, while I would never join, maybe I can help him become a Christian. However, I believe both you and your boyfriend each have selfish motivations, as you hope to convert the other for the sake of your relationship. Remember, I warned you that you might not like this, but I am pretending you were my daughter, and I want only the best for you.

Years of wisdom and experience gives me the ability to tell you this, with all gentleness and respect. Trust me, I have heard many, many stories like yours.

How often does our advice get followed? Not all the time. Which faith is usually the winner? Honestly, it is Mormonism. One, please watch the three YouTube videos I list below. My daughter Carissa and I felt so strongly about this issue that we produced these for young people like you. These videos will take less than half an hour to watch and I think can be helpful.

Check them out at the bottom of this article.

Should a Christian date a Mormon? | Mormonism Research Ministry

In addition, if I were you, I would study up on the teachings of Mormonism, especially if you decide to continue in this relationship and receive a visit with the missionaries. For starters, go onto our website www. Go to the sections on God, Jesus, and Salvation and look through some of the articles. Our books can be helpful too.

can christians dating mormons

These are written from an Evangelical Christian point of view. By going out of their way to do kind gestures, Mormons hope to present a positive image of their church and possibly entice friends and neighbors to enter into the missionary lessons.

In addition, many Christians are pressured to join the LDS Church when they become involved in romantic relationships with Mormons. While Mormons apparently can date outside their faith as long as their partners are pure and wholesome, they are not supposed to marry nonmembers.

Thus, the Christian boyfriend or girlfriend is typically required to join the LDS Church before the relationship can head to the next step, which could be a Mormon temple wedding ceremony. While Christians certainly can and should have friendships with those from other religions, including Mormons, they also need to understand the potential pitfalls when others are trying to convert them to their faith. We decided to get some sleep, knowing that some friends were scheduled to come by that afternoon to help.

That afternoon, as the back door to the truck rolled open and we began the backbreaking process of unloading, my next-door neighbor—sporting jeans and a T-shirt with a pair of work gloves on his hands—appeared from around the corner.

I knew that he was a former Mormon bishop who had been very friendly to me during my purchase of the home. Regardless, he was one of the hardest workers of the afternoon, sweating profusely and refusing to take a break.

The comedy comes as the rough-edged Italian informant—now with the assumed name of George Cheeseman—learns to adapt to the culture that feels to him like Disneyland on steroids.

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Soon after the Cheesemans move into their home, most of the Mormon families from the neighborhood bend over backwards to welcome the brash newcomers with visits and gifts of baked goods. You should try it sometime.

can christians dating mormons

Often the church member will invite someone over for dinner, along with the LDS missionaries, as a means of introducing the person to Mormonism. Yet the results of these two methods are less than impressive. Only two to three percent of those who initially became connected to the church through missionary efforts ever get baptized; just one to two percent of those contacted through a media campaign join the LDS Church.

However, twenty to thirty percent of those whose first contact came through a relationship with current members end up getting baptized!

Dating a Mormon - For the person considering it

Kimball encouraged LDS families to reach out to others in an evangelistic way. Perhaps you could plan a family home evening with them…. Then, when these families show interest, arrange through your ward or branch mission leader to invite them and the missionaries into your home to share the message of the restoration.

If you will follow this simple procedure, you will bring a number of fine families into the Church.

can christians dating mormons

Prayerfully select a family. Introduce the family to the Church. Invite the family to meet with the missionaries. Two young men from our Church will give a presentation on how our Church began. This was just the beginning of what was to be a forever friendship.

Dating a Mormon - For the person considering it | Mormons in Transition

In the months that followed, [our neighbors] proved to be the best friends…. They were not afraid to be too friendly and took our family in just as though we were their own family. After I had had a hard day at home, my friend would ask me to come to Relief Society with her…we knew in our hearts that we wanted a more complete life like theirs.

Little kindnesses will help friends feel good about our Church. The official LDS Church Web site includes a section for youth with an explanation of how friendshipping should take place: Include them in your midweek activities and your Sunday meetings.

Help them feel welcome and wanted. Many nonmembers have come into the Church through friends who have involved them in Church activities.

can christians dating mormons

Have them develop a plan to do this. He says that he has excellent LDS neighbors; his wife regularly plays Bunco with the ladies in the neighborhood, and his daughter even babysits their children.