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erik stephan dating

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Uniform magnetic fields in density-functional theory. Explicitly-correlated non-born-oppenheimer calculations of the HD molecule in a strong magnetic field. Lessons from the Adiabatic Connection. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. Non-Born-Oppenheimer calculations of the HD molecule in a strong magnetic field.

Current density functional theory using meta-generalized gradient exchange-correlation functionals. Coupled-cluster theory for atoms and molecules in strong magnetic fields.

The Dalton quantum chemistry program system.

erik stephan dating

Apart from the total energy, a wide variety of molecular properties may be calculated using these electronic-structure models. Molecular gradients and Hessians are available for geometry optimizations, molecular dynamics, and vibrational studies, whereas magnetic resonance and optical activity can be studied in a gauge-origin-invariant manner.

Frequency-dependent molecular properties can be calculated using linear, quadratic, and cubic response theory. A large number of singlet and triplet perturbation operators are available for the study of one- two- and three-photon processes.

Large molecules may be studied using linear-scaling and massively parallel algorithms.

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Dalton is distributed at no cost from http: Fermion N -representability for prescribed density and paramagnetic current density. Non-perturbative calculation of molecular magnetic properties within current-density functional theory.

erik stephan dating

Isoorbital indicators for current density functional theory. Non-perturbative treatment of molecules in linear magnetic fields: Calculation of anapole susceptibilities. Choice of basic variables in current-density-functional theory.

erik stephan dating

Analytical GIAO and hybrid-basis integral derivatives: Non-perturbative magnetic phenomena in closed-shell paramagnetic molecules.

Variational and robust density fitting of four-center two-electron integrals in local metrics.

erik stephan dating

Linear-scaling developments in Hartree-Fock and density-functional theories have highlighted the need for linear-scaling density-fitting schemes. In this paper, we present a robust variational density-fitting scheme that allows for solving the fitting equations in local metrics instead of the traditional Coulomb metric, as required for linear scaling.

Results of fitting four-center two-electron integrals in the overlap and the attenuated Gaussian damped Coulomb metric are presented, and we conclude that density fitting can be performed in local metrics at little loss of chemical accuracy. We further propose to use this theory in linear-scaling density-fitting developments. Nonperturbative ab initio calculations in strong magnetic fields using London orbitals.

Linear-scaling implementation of molecular electronic self-consistent field theory.