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european research business speed dating

A speed dating evening for researchers will take place at UCL (University College London) next week. The event includes all the traditional. Loosely based on the role of a speed dating: 5 votes, research responses to Ap european speed teaming, ; however, and not themselves; points of Period ______ psychology by performing research business!. He will share his experience in working with European research infrastructures . After the speed-dating event there will be time to continue.

My goal is to perform an analysis that may have not been conducted before and I am particularly interested in how the key attributes affect dating decision as well as whether people have a clear awareness of their self value versus their perceived value or not. Normalize data I normalized the data that were collected through different scale methods, such as the rating method on a scale of 1—10 versus the point distribution method, ordinal scale versus interval scale e.

european research business speed dating

Besides manual cleaning, I used the nearest neighbor method to automatically replace remaining missing values. General Information There were participants in total, in which were female and were male 7 missing values.

Attribute Analysis What are the most important attributes in dating?

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Before the dating experiment started, the participants were asked to distribute points to the attributes below according to how important they are in a potential date. After each four-minute first date, they were asked to rate their partners over the six attributes.

Do we feel that we are always underestimated? Comparing self-ratings and the ratings that the participants assumed they would get can potentially provoke many sociology questions. Do people have the perception or experience that they are being underestimated? Do they tend to exaggerate their strengths and hide their weaknesses? This would be an interesting point for further research, what makes people believe that their intelligence would be overestimated?

Do we actually overestimate ourselves? When comparing self-ratings and the actual ratings, it shows that the participants did generally overestimate themselves.

european research business speed dating

While we think that we are underestimated, are we actually underestimated? Is it true that the first one is always the best one?

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First, I found a negative correlation between the order and how much they liked their partners. For example, the later they meet their partners, the less sincere they think their partners are.

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I also found that there are positive correlation among the attributes. Sincerity and intelligence has the strongest correlation, followed by intelligence and ambition, and then fun and shared interests. After each first date, the participants answered the question whether they would like to see their partner again.

Are we optimistic about love? After the experiment, the participants were also asked to predict how many matches they would get and the actual number of match was collected.

european research business speed dating

It extends far beyond mobile tech to encompass IoT, AI, hardware and every kind of connected device you could think of, across a massive venue of stalls, stages, and gardens. You can expect to see plenty of panels, keynote speakers, and workshops as well as booths from over exhibit.

Wolves Summit March — Warsaw, Poland Wolves Summit is a conference for startups, investors, corporations and entrepreneurs from all around the world. This year will be the fifth edition of the event, which is one of the biggest startup events in Central and Eastern Europe. Wolves Summit aims to build a bridge between promising startups, tech companies, investors and corporations. Resonate April — Belgrade, Serbia Resonate is a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and education.

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It brings together artists, designers, and educators to participate in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture. The annual festival lasts for four days and provides an overview of current situation in the fields of music, visual arts, and digital culture. Guest artists, lecturers, and other participants are chosen to represent the cutting edge of the contemporary creative industry in the world.

Aside of exciting speakers, the EU-Startups Conference also hosts a big pitch competition with 15 pre-selected early-stage startups from all across Europe.

With an expected investors and startups, this will also be the case in Latitude is a great excuse, with the tech conference encompassing a great array of future tech topics including smart cities, blockchain and digital health. If you are wanting to expose your startup to American minds without visiting San Fran or New York, this is a good opportunity, especially for hardware startups.

european research business speed dating

While it concentrates on the newest companies on the scene, it also brings together the mid and late stage technology startups, as well as leading investors and media in the EMEA region.

You can expect a community of top-tier entrepreneurs, artists and scientists visiting Berlin for three days of keynotes, pitches, live music and art installations in a bustling atmosphere.