Exo dating sim tumblr overlays

exo dating sim on Tumblr

exo dating sim tumblr overlays

EXO louisvuittonbelt.info Set Information. Set symbol Release date, June 15, Plane , Rath. Themes and Expansion code, EXO. Development. date" content="" /> tumblr" href="louisvuittonbelt.info" .. overlay" data-swiftype-index="false"> The member band, called EXO, has South. Natural Eyebrows Set - 4 realistic looking eyebrows for your Sims. Gender: Female Sehun (Oh Sehun) from EXO. Requested by Oh, and I used eyebag overlay I made some time ago but did not publish. But I am putting it.

On the other side of the shop, the wall was emblazoned with boy-band posters; shelves were full of K-pop artist collector cards; and an array of seizure-inducing magazine covers illuminated the corner shelving.

exo dating sim tumblr overlays

I pounced upon the counter, and began poring through anime stickers my new laptop still had some empty space to cover on the casing. Then he hung his head sadly.

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It, too, has complicated roots that are becoming ever obscured in its tangled, globalized present. And all of it is now caught up in a commercial frenzy that seems to brook no patience for the typical identity markers — authenticity, clearly defined parameters — of your average musical genre.

The Korean Music Revolution. The book is a very basic introduction to K-Pop, designed mostly for the interested novice or the neophyte fan.

'K-Pop Now!' Is the Literary Equivalent of a K-Pop Disco Night

Even when you almost got the perfect attendance award in primary school, you caught the stomach flu on the last day. Your palms were moist, but your cheeks were frozen as you stood in the parking area.

EXO DATING GAME -- KIM JONGIN SIMULATOR - #1 ( Interactive video )

You looked warily to the single camera man standing behind you, and then down to the handy-cam they had given to you upon arriving at the studio. You closed your eyes, trying to reflect on the permanence of the situation.

In just a few short minutes, you would be on your first date with an idol, someone that girls and boys lusted over and loved. Well you had to be. You knew he was in the SUV as it pulled up to the location.

exo dating game

The ominous and unmarked grey building you stood in front of was as unforgiving as the dark tint covering the windows of his vehicle. You took another deep breath, remembering whoever this was, was only a person.

Except exceptionally more talented. First one Adidas laced foot popped out, then the other, followed by dark denim covered in rips and holes. Almost as dark as the ink on that contract that had kept you rooted to your spot, telling you you were obligated to not escape. You twitched as the camera man that had previously taken up post behind you pivoted around, getting a full angle of whoever was emerging. The caption saying something about your nervous and beating heart.

If only he could move a little quicker.

exo dating sim tumblr overlays

Just as originally suspected, he dug his fingers through his bangs, exposing his forehead and full face so you could better see his cocky smirk. You thought you were going to vomit as he began to look you up and down without a hint of embaressment, a trait you had noticed frequently among Korean men.

You lifted your brows, trying to ignore the dry mouth inhibiting you from speaking.

exo dating sim tumblr overlays

You knew your face had to mirror an expression of terror as you looked back at him, trying to mask the oncoming anxiety that would no doubt reveal itself through your voice. JB chuckled, lifting his own eyebrows at your sudden outburst. He fixed you with an intense, yet positive gaze. Have you seen that weirdo? I tried my best and I think I did pretty good considering but both You and Sehun are a bit more…realistic?

'K-Pop Now!' Is the Literary Equivalent of a K-Pop Disco Night - PopMatters

I hope you enjoy the effort I put into it. You were probably right all this time about Oh Sehun being harmless. For the most part, they ignore you. Jongdae thumps you on the back, urges you forward. Jongdae has a talent of making his hand-me-downs look absolutely lethal: His brother is going to have a heart attack when he gets back from military service and sees what his little bro has done to his wardrobe. The whole debacle is still a sore subject for the two of you.

exo dating sim tumblr overlays

A dark memory of Jongdae, months done with his CSAT and frumpy from a night out, and you, haggard from studying non-stop for three weeks. The smooth flavor coats the inside of your throat, makes you smack your lips when you turn away from him to throw your head back. His eyes are almost glistening in the strobe lights when you turn back to him.

But Jongdae stops mid-laugh anyway, a scowl draping over his pretty mouth.

Call [Me] Ba[y] — "A Not So Bad Boy" Sehun/You- Anon Request

You raise an eyebrow, turn your head in mild interest when— Fuck. Oh Sehun, flanked by a few of his cronies, looks like he just found out smoking cigarettes makes your dick bigger or that the Yin Yang tattoo on his neck has come in style. Or whatever Oh Sehun thinks warrants excitement.

exo dating sim tumblr overlays

His friends look even less invested. Jongin yawns into his muted conversation with Taemin. Mostly they just flaunt their tattoos, bleach their hair and pierce their ears. Take that away and they could pass for any group of boys that skip class when they can, sneak onto the roof for a smoke during breaks.

But kids still edge around them in the hallways, hold their breath when they saunter past, because they know if Sehun curls his lip, if Zitao whines about another student, then Kris, Minho, Minseok, might catch wind of it.

He smirks in a very self-assured tons of girls totally dig this way. But me and my friend here are going to get drunk.