If you are the one dating show in chinese

if you are the one dating show in chinese

Hit Chinese dating show 'If You Are The One' searching for participants from S' pore. S'poreans trying to find their true love can now apply. In , 28 singles flew thousands of miles from Australia to China, hoping to find 'the one' on the popular Chinese dating show 'If You Are The. 'If You Are the One' is holding a mirror up to western dating culture, and winning hearts across the world.

Of course, the opposite scenario happens just as often, where the parents get along a little too well with the contestants.

If You Are The One: The crazy Chinese dating show

One of the contestants in 'Chinese Dating with the Parents' says, 'My dad likes him'. The show also highlights what modern day life in China is like — and dispels some long-held stereotypes. Happily, Chinese Dating with the Parents shows a more affectionate and playful side of Chinese parents not often captured for cultural outsiders to appreciate. A contestant on 'Chinese Dating with the Parents' briefs her father, with the advice: Find out things I need to know.

It also uplifting to see that all around the world, China includedexpectations for women are changing for the better: We even see that the men on the show are recognising the need to be domesticated.

In the first episode, a suitor who knows his way around the kitchen is deemed a keeper, which is a valuable lesson for everyone: Find a partner who can cook.

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Missed the first episode? I don't know if that's a rule, or that's just how it works out.

if you are the one dating show in chinese

After all the videos and banter are complete, if there are more than two women with their lights still green, the bachelor eliminates all but two by turning off their lights. All of the women with their lights still turned on, plus the one who activated the burst light if anyplus the heartbeat girl advance to the final round.

If You Are The One: The crazy Chinese dating show – The Old New Thing

The bachelor selects a question from a menuand prerecorded video responses from each finalist are played. The bachelor asks a question of his own choosing, and each finalist gives her answer.

The bachelor selects the woman he wants to date.

if you are the one dating show in chinese

In the special case where the bachelor selects the heartbeat girl, but she had turned off her light earlier in the round, then she has the opportunity to reject the bachelor. The women who did not win a date return for the next round, or the next show if this was the final round of the day.

Anyway, my wife enjoys watching the show. Me less so, seeing as I don't understand Mandarin beyond being able to count to one hundred and maybe a dozen other vocabulary words. And then I learned that the show has been subtitled in English by Australian broadcaster SBS Two, and the show has taken the country by storm.

Unfortunately for me, I'm not in Australia, so in order to understand the show, I have to ask my wife to translate what's going on. Which she does, if I ask.

if you are the one dating show in chinese

The Tumblr if you are the gif does the same thing, but does not appear to be active any more. One should be careful not to assume that what happens on television dating shows is how dating actually works in the country of origin.

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After all, you wouldn't want people to base their knowledge of dating in the United States on what happens on The Bachelor or Studs. Yes, that's Bill Nye. If you are the one.