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It is, in fact, the default evolutionary norm. Primitive man had very little time in which to inseminate his partner -- there was always the risk of a lion eating him up or lightning striking him during the sexual act.

Thus, delaying ejaculation has to be learned -- it is an acquired skill. Pills like some anxiolytics drugs that treat the symptoms of anxiety -- they must be used through prescription only do help, but dubious topical sprays and applications are a strict no-no.

Relationship and personal sexuality issues are other contributors that must be addressed by sexual medicine experts. Further information on this can be found on www. Sir, I am 30 yrs old, married,my problem is that I can maintain my erection while I am resting on bed on back but as soon I stand, my penis loses erection in few seconds.

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Kindly suggest solution as I am very much disturbed as I can not perform my intercourse well. Also let me know what is perfect duration of intercourse.

Vikas Sustaining an erection requires continued stimulation, mental and physical. Anxiety about being able to sustain an erection is itself an important cause of erectile failure. There could also be other important vascular causes for this that will require special investigations, but, in general, if one is able to sustain an erection in one situation and not in another, it is the situation that needs to be addressed first, not the penis.

Resp doctor, Here at the age of 44, the premature ejaculation problem is persisting since the beginning, although the duration goes up with the impact of hard drinks sometimes. Regds Ashwani Ahuja If your premature ejaculation PE improves with small to moderate quantities of alcohol, then it suggests that the PE is probably anxiety-related, but if you need a lot of alcohol to delay ejaculation, it is probably because of the hypoesthesia reduced sensation, numbness that large amounts of alcohol cause.

Neither approach is a recommended treatment for PE. In fact, alcohol used as a drug for PE will put you at a higher risk of alcohol dependence. Effective oral medication is available nowadays to treat PE. Dear Sir I have early discharged problem. One bad habit is there to watch porn movies I have two kids and my age is 37 years old. I am thin and my diet is also poor. If you watch porn with your partner, the situation can be adjusted.

Your age, the number of children you have, your leanness and your diet have no relationship with your PE. But yes, in general, a good, balanced diet is recommended. Your PE, however, must be treated medically by an expert in andrology and sexual medicine. Respected Sir, I am 26 year sold and hopefully getting married next year. I am having a problem that my skin on the penis do not opens up.

So what can be done to open it. I am not having any problem about the sperms, but whenever I tried to open up the skin of my penis it felt painful. So if u can suggest me something regarding this, i will feel very much obliged. Regards Ranjan The condition you have is known as 'phimosis'. The simplest and most effective permanent cure for this is a circumcision operation, a procedure that removes the foreskin from your penis. I normally do this surgery as a 'walk in-walk out' case. The results are permanent.

Other attempts to conserve the foreskin or perform plasties repair procedures without circumcision will likely cause the problem to recur. Hi Doc, I need your suggestion. Recently I am having a burning sensation in my penis after I masturbate or have sex with my wife.

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The inner skin appears as if blood will come out. I feel somewhat okay if the skin is wet. How will I get to know your reply? Thanks Bumba Nath You cannot be advised for this problem over the Internet. You will need an examination and tests.

Your sex queries answered: Premature ejaculation

Your wife and you are probably suffering from an infection that is getting transmitted to and fro between you. Respected Sir, I want to to know that during sexual activity when I insert my penis the foreskin gets pushed and it is very painful -- what to do please? I think from the joint it pains please help me and guide me. You are requested to kindly advise me whether oil or any drug can be used for late discharge? As explained above, this is best treated with a circumcision operation.

Drugs can provide only temporary pain relief and may actually be harmful because they lull you into complacence even as the condition is getting worse. This is why you must correct your tight frenum first and then address your PE. For advice on oils, you must contact an ayurvedacharya or a hakeem.

I am a specialist in andrology and sexual medicine. Hi, I am 29 yrs male.