Park min young lee minho dating

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park min young lee minho dating

Park Min Young used to date Lee Min Ho for a year back when "City Hunter" was the most talked drama in Now, Lee Min Ho is moving on. It was report in late August that Lee Min Ho – one of South Korea's most promising actors has found himself a girlfriend. Who is this luckly. To many fans' sadness, it has just been revealed that 'City Hunter' couple, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho, have broken completing.

In that aspect, I think I matched with Lee Min-ho the best. Our acting styles are similar. Rather than insisting on doing things her way, she matches herself to her fellow actors and is someone I can learn from.

park min young lee minho dating

Thanks to her, we were able to work comfortably together. In real life, if you were forced to make that kind of extreme choice, what would you choose? I might be so in love I feel like dying, like it would drive me crazy, or I might not. The decision could change depending on the stage of the relationship, or the type of situation. That was a different Lee Min-ho than the one I knew. Now with City Hunter behind her, Park is turning her attention to her next project.

park min young lee minho dating

But after I wrap this up, I have about two weeks before I have to begin my new project. Park describes her new character thusly: Of course, merely being bright is uninteresting.

Purplee's Wonderwall: My stand on Lee Min Ho-Park Min Young dating news ♥

Her emotional line goes from one end to the other, and is really exciting. I usually prefer when the script is more interesting than the synopsis. We believe she's getting to know the real Lee Min Ho and not the actor. But we should always be cautious about a relationship between a man and a woman. Also, the agency cannot know everything about the actor's personal life. They are perfect for each other! From fantasy to reality, love blossom in their hearts.

He's like a living statue in my eyes, with his tall physique, sharp nose and amazing facial features, the very sight of him is heaven. I'm a true blue fan girl of him! But it doesn't mean that I don't want him to have a girlfriend in real life because as much as I want him for myself which is impossibleI also want this precious guy to be happy and be in love even if it's with someone else.

It's acceptable to feel sad and somehow broken-hearted for a short while but overdoing it by means of saying rude comments, back-biting the actress, wishing them to break-up and boycotting their projects are not reasonable!

park min young lee minho dating

Lee Min Ho has his own life! He has the right to date anyone he likes.

park min young lee minho dating

As a fan, we should not get mad at him or to the girl that he's dating because of our petty fantasies. Is is a mortal sin for actors to fall in love? They may be celebrities but let's keep in mind that just like us, they're humans too who have their own personal and private lives to take care.

My first reaction was, "Whoa! She's really pretty and she looks so nice in all her t. One thing I've observed about her is that, she's a cheerful person, she's always smiling, laughing and joking around which I really like about her. She seems so sweet on-and off-cam.

park min young lee minho dating

Because of my increasing fondness of her, I had a wishful thought before! So when it got confirmed that she will play the role of LMH's love interest, I'm extremely happy because it felt like my intuition came true. Watching City Hunter with my matching couple was like a dream to me! Every moments of them together made me smile unknowingly and giggle like a little girl. But it never crossed my mind that these two lovable creatures will have something special behind the camera.

I never thought that the strong chemistry on-cam will be the same off-cam. It's true that it's not the first time something like this happened in Korean national T.

There's a lot of celebrity couples who became real ones after they worked in dramas. But these two well-known and young stars being included in that list is really surprising.

"City Hunter’s" Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Back Together Again?! Dating Rumors Resurface

In a country like South Korea, it's a given fact that the fans are not just ordinary fans but die-hard, over-protective, jealous and crazy ones who would do anything for their idols. On the other hand, PMY also has a big challenge to take on. She has an upcoming drama in KBS called Man of Honor Glorious Jane which might get affected whether negatively or positively because of this dating issue.

I really hope that the fans in South Korea will not go on boycott for her latest drama. Instead, when the news of them dating broke out, netizens are giving the two their warm congratulations. I read some comments from different Korean entertainment news sites and majority of the people there show their happiness by giving their blessings and complimentary words for the new couple. Those who accept and happy about the news are the coolest fans!!!