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Finding love can't be scheduled in. So to put time limitations on meeting your perfect match before you're 30 like Anna, is a bad idea. Of course women have ages in mind, especially if they want to have children, but there's a danger that they could end up settling for someone who is not right for them. There is a need in society to conform and get married but I don't feel that pressure. Having been divorced maybe marriage and children isn't for me?

Unless a relationship is perfect, it won't be happening. Belfast has a lot going for it because there's such a range of places to go to suit every person.

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There's the eateries and pubs in the Cathedral Quarter and on the Lisburn and Dublin Roads, which are great for nightlife, and there's something for everyone. Because it's a big city it attracts people from everywhere so you never just meet Belfast people there. If you want to find the perfect 'one' the city centre is a good place to go to.

When it comes to dating, though, it can be difficult to meet people face to face these days because of social media. And it's so easy to hide behind your phone when you're contacting someone.

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Perhaps this has made people more anxious about walking up to someone and beginning to talk to them. With apps like Tinder and Snapchat it's barely necessary to talk to people these days.

Also we are judged by our appearance online now - and even that usually has some kind of filter over it. It's easier to deal with rejection if it's over the phone via text so maybe some prefer to date this way. I don't think anyone should have to put a time limit on meeting a future partner by saying they want to do be engaged or married by a certain age. All you're doing is putting pressure on yourself. As far as I'm concerned whatever will be, will be. If Mr Right happens to be my postman then all well and good.

The man who is meant to be for me will come into my life and he won't need to be forced or pushed or put on a deadline. Dates are your opportunity to see if you like someone so it's important to be comfortable and casual initially.

I wouldn't have a formal dinner with someone on a first date. Instead I prefer to meet for coffee or go for a walk so we can have a chat, then maybe go to the cinema after that.

It's all about being yourself. I 'm single and a lot of my friends are single too.

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And, while I know I'm biased, I can't understand why they're single because they're such brilliant girls. Belfast is a great city to be independent in. There are so many social options and things to do - great restaurants, cafe society and gigs to go to.

Personally I'm not going to casually date lots of men which is a conscious decision because of my job. So, because I have profile as a radio presenter it can be quite a difficult city to meet someone in. Of course, everyone is friendly here which is a great thing about Northern Ireland but, especially for women, it feels like we outnumber men here. And living in such a small place you always find people have a history with someone you know.

Guys here aren't very quick to approach you at all. If you go do Dublin or London they're much more likely to come over to you and say 'hello'. I've never had the nerve to try Tinder although some of my friends have really loved it and a guy I know met his wife on the dating app.

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cool fm online dating

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cool fm online dating

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