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Du Maurier Forurm Archive - 2003

Thanks for a lovely website. Please get in touch if you need any more info. To me this is the definitive version, far eclipsing the recent ITC effort. Please email me on the address below. She is absolutely awsome. As I have possibly mentioned, I am a great fan of Daphne Du Mauriers work and having seen the adaptation starring Charles Dance would like to draw comparisons!

Thankyou, happy reading to all! Holly - Wednesday, December 03, at I am married to a Brit, and would love to visit Menabilly. We may be coming to England from America this summer and would love to hear anything I can about vacationing in the area and what the chances are of getting a glimpse of Menabily.

I also want to say it is great to read this site where lovers of great literature can meet. Thanks for any input! David - Tuesday, November 18, at One may only hope that maturity will affect a change in her behavior. Age has brought an inability to be seriously shocked by the behavior of our fellow human beings, just saddened and disappointed! What a pity it is, that her mother's travail, and her father's efforts, have resulted in the unpleasantness and obvious ignorance of this silly child.

Lauren does sound a real little orc does she not? I am 'battening down the hatches', and 'standing by' for the expected storm of invective! Sam - Tuesday, November 18, at Does anyone know who she dined with? Auguri sam - Saturday, November 08, at I recommend this novel with all my heart, and to any young person who might be looking for the right author to begin a life of reading with, I believe Daphne Du Maurier is a perfect choice.

Her writing flows so well that you will find yourself half-way through one of her novels wondering where the time went and hoping the writing and story will never end. I am just now half-way through Rebecca and hope I can read everyone of Du Maurier's works with as much joy. Was anyone else as fascinated as I was with this book? In trying to research more about the events described, I came across an original transcript of one of the trials described in the book, as well as reproductions of cartoons from the period about Mary Anne Clarke and the other players in the story.

These helped to bring it to life even more. I would highly recommend it to D. I have the movie waiting to watch it after I finish the book. I am so glad I discovered this book. I plan to read more of her books. Did not realize she wrote The Birds. I first saw that movie when I was very young. I still love it. It was a very good book. From the very first page I couldn't put it down.

I can't wait to read the sequal books to "Rebecca". An honorary job was done by Daphne du Maurier. But I loved the story and would be interested to find out how to get hold of a copy if anyone can direct me in the right place. The school is U shaped around a grassy courtyard and during the school lunch we have many seagulls hovering over the area. The birds line up on top of the school and watch where the students drop food and then swoop down to pick it up after the bell rings.

As we read the story, the students see the seagulls in a new light and they wonder Yesterday the school custodian asked me why we have so many seagulls at this time of the year. It is one story I look forward to sharing with my students during the school year.

Pam Carson - Tuesday, October 21, at Time goes so fast. I was surprised to see all those changes going on at Jamaica Inn. Still beautiful location and my kids and I had a great time playing pirates in that huge play ship they have had built in the yard. I got chance to stock up with books from the shop in the inn and have been totally hooked reading those short stories. I just loved reading Monte Verita and the apple tree - amazing.

Tanti Auguri 18 anni!

The weather was just perfect so we were able to spend a few days exploring on Bodmin moor, such a fantastic place of such beauty. Well I was hoping to go back to Cornwall at half term but not able to due to work commitments so I am a little dissapointed. I will just have to go back to my books until I can get back there again which will probably be in the spring now.

Anyone else read the short stories? It fuelled my love of reading and remains one of my favorite novels to date. Thank you for writing such thrilling story full of twists and turns.

Georgia - Monday, October 06, at Many thanks if you can provide some information! Actually, I read "Rebecca", "Mrs. Daphne du Maurier was one of a kind. Beauman wrote a creditable sequel, but it really can't match the artistry of the original. I read "Rebecca" when I was in my teens. I am now 60 years old and the novel was even more striking to me at present age.

Surely the mark of a masterpiece is that it never loses its potency. I intend to get my hands on the academy award winning film Thought I'd let you know I'm off to lovely Fowey again for an autumn top up of that lovely place.

I want to go to the Lost Gardens of Heligan again now it's Autumn. Then there's the Old Ferry and the Galleon, both bars with lovely river views. Sam - Wednesday, September 03, at Visitor from casinos casino. I love her books, and could never understand why they are not more popular with the male species generally.

They are full of gothic horror, suspense and atmosphere that their 'secret' amongst women needs to be widened out to all readers. I read 'Jamaica Inn' when I was 17 after seeing the film and was hooked. Far more entertaining than Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' to which it is often compared.

I have just re-read courtesy of the new Virago reprint 'Rebecca' - it's power is undiminshed, and I have also heard on spoken word cassette 'The House on The Strand' this year too. Surprised this has never been made into a film. I have just read on this site something which intrigues me, concerning 'Julius'. This was re-issued in in Arrow paperback, but was heavily edited at the request of the Du Maurier estate.

I have never heard of an author's work before which has been edited by the relatives of the deceased. I understand the 'anti-Semetic' material has been removed, but was wondering if there is an uncensored copy out there so I can make up my own mind! Guest from gambling strategy. The note about plagiarism is not always unnecessary; sadly not everyone reads reviews as a spark to original thought. When young and not only when young! Best Wishes, and good luck. Sam - Wednesday, August 20, at I have an extra credit essay due in tomorrow and I have chosen to use 'Rebecca' as the subject.

I must say I thought the little note about Plaigarism a little uneccesary, however the rest of the website is full of interesting information.

Charlotte - Wednesday, August 20, at Je fais des excuses pour les traductions automatiques faibles, mais il est meilleur que rien. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate hearing from you. Email me at Gajachje aol. Ce serait un honneur pour la France. Nathalie Nathalie - Friday, August 01, at Read it last summer and just could not put it down. I feel I must see the place that inspired the author.

She is so descriptive of the environment the story is set in, it makes it so real. I am truly hooked on Daphne Du Maurier. There is just something so addictive about her books. I cant wait for my visit to Cornwall in the next few weeks.

I can stock up with books to take home to the midlands. I find they are so difficult to get hold of in the big stores hear, copies can be ordered but it is not the same as going to the shop and being spoilt for choice which is what I find when I visit Foey or the shop at Jamaica inn.

Cant wait to start reading the short stories, from reading your comments they sound really exciting. It really is great to see so many other fans on this site who share my thoughts. The Loving Spirit is still my fav up to now, I would recommend it to any one. This delightfully brooding and beautiful book was a gift, second hand and well read from a friend.

He promised Id be pleased, and my expectations have been far surpassed. This is normal practice. No, they wouldn't wipe it.

But they don't have the Rights to repeat it. Complicated but it really wasn't that great.

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Stick with the Hitchcock version. Kits Kits - Wednesday, July 30, at To all du Maurier fans. I read the book Rebecca. It was given to me as a summer assighnment and of course I resented reading it. After I got past the very discriptive beggining where the setting was being set it was easy to get into the book. This was my 1st du Maurier novel, I hope to read more.

I too needed to have a dictionary present while I read, but it was all worthwhile. I do wonder though why the second Mrs. This was a book filled with shocking surprises; espcially about the late Mrs. I absolutely enjoyed it!!! Ashley - Wednesday, July 30, at Our paranoid current attitudes to personal preferences really ought not to be applied to earlier generations, especially as they are no longer around to defend themselves!

We live in a democratic country though, where free speech is valued, so preventing others the right of free expression might be difficult.

Freedom to conform is not really freedom at all is it. Best Wishes everyone sam - Tuesday, July 22, at Ostensibly a feminist publishing house, it's true agenda is lesbian. Sally Beaumann in her ludicrously biased introduction to Rebecca views the whole novel as an expression of the conflict between sexual conformity and suppressed homosexuality.

With no evidence at all she claims the author was a lesbian. An injunction should be slapped on Virago. We cannot let gifted women from the past be slandered by a vociferious minority. Adele Adele - Tuesday, July 22, at Being an english student, I enjoy reading many books, and unfortunatley, have never studied it at school. However, I do have a theory about the heroins name not being mentioned.

I have herd on numerous occassions that the name was not mentioned because it could add to the mystery of the character. From the style of writing, and the tone in which she talks about her father perhaps shows how special she was to him. By not saying the name, it emphasises this. This is just my views though, I'm no expert! Have you ever read the 'Daphne Du Maurer Notebook' if you haven't you should because it reveals a lot about Du Mauriers idea behind the story, and the origional ending she had in mind!

It is nice to speak to people with similar interests, most of my friends think I'm insane because I am such a big fan! Oh well, must go, look foward to reading more insiteful comments soon! Holly - Thursday, July 17, at It is my favourite book and one I always return to after regular doses of the latest paperback best sellers.

The novel Rebecca is one of my best friends and has helped me through the sadness of bereavement, anxious times in hospital as well as holiday reading on beaches, on trains and while waiting in airports. Well imagine my delight when in I was studying for a degree in English Literature I was a mature student and Rebecca was on one of the modules under the heading 'Gothic Literature'. I was able to discuss the novel with many other people on my course, but I wonder if the readers of your 'Members Forum' have any theories on the heroine's name and why it was omitted from the book.

You'll remember that when Max de Winter sent the heroine a note, she was surprised that he had spelt her name correctly. Max remarked that she had a lovely and unusual name. She replied that her father was a lovely and unusual person. Could that be a reference to the surname or did they have the same christian name? That is a name that people do often spell incorrectly.

Or was Daphne thinking of her own name Du Maurier. That is a lovely and unusual name which is probably often spelt incorrectly. I hope I've spelt it right.

I would love to hear your views on this or any other aspects of Rebecca. I've only found this site today, after it was mentioned in last week's Daily Mail. I feel that I've found so many likeminded friends. What a great website. Lorraine - Wednesday, July 16, at Thanks too for your remarks about Ann Willmore's reviews; they are very good arn't they?

Your small criticism though is not correct. Possibly understandably you have mis-read "The central character of Rebecca is the second wife of Maxim de Winter".

Put inverted commas around the word Rebecca, turning it into the book title, and all should become clear! The fact that you so immediatly emphathise with Lady Daphne's stories is very good; I hope you enjoy her other books too. I hope you will try 'My Cousin Rachel', 'Jamaica Inn' 'The king's General' and the others, not forgetting my favourite 'House on the Strand', which is deeply frightening, but terrific literature!

There is a short story too 'The Old Man', which is a classic of reality perception, guaranteed to destroy any woollie perceptions we may harbour about 'mother nature! Best Wishes Lizzie, and everyone. Sam - Wednesday, July 16, at Though I am not quite done with it yet, I have already fallen in love with the book. The language that du Maurier uses is just exquisite, though there are some words that I hadn't known until I looked them up in the dictionary.

Whenever I start a new book, I like to look for reviews on it, so I can already be familiarized with the story. While reading your excellent review on Rebecca I did notice one large mistake however. It is written there that: Rebecca, the central character to the story, is the second wife to Maxim. That, obviously is quite incorrect, for the nameless narrator is his second wife, and Rebecca was his first. With that exception, the review was very good however.

Thank-you for insightful website. Lizzy Rice - Tuesday, July 15, at It was "Rebecca", it was five years ago and since then I started to collect her books. I just want to say that I love her! They always have one version of a film but never the other.

Most libraries, if they don't have film or book you are looking for, they can get what you want from another library or at least tell you what library might have it. It's worth a try! Happy reading and watching! Maari - Thursday, July 10, at Think I will pick it up on my next visit to Fowey I love that bookshop.

It is great to see a site that has so many messages from fans of Daphne Du Maurier. I first discovered her during a visit to Cornwall about 3 years ago. My family and I went to Jamaica Inn. I loved the location and was so taken in by the surroundings I thought I would buy the book to see what it was all about. From then on I fell in love with Daphne Du Mauriers world and there is always one of her novels or something relating to her or the place that inspired her on my coffee table - I am totally hooked.

I have never read any of her short stories yet but will be purchasing a copy after reading your comments on this site. My family and I are visiting Cornwall in August and as a late birhtday present for myself it was yesterday I want to buy a large frammed print.

I want something that relates to an area that inspired Daphne Du Maurier in her writing and I want it to include water - the sea, a river etc. Any one know of any local artists that will help me on my quest to find the prefect print for my lounge? It seems interesting that both sisters were authors, how do they compair? I think I will read these too just out of interest!

Holly - Tuesday, July 01, at I won't spoil it by revealing the plot, but it's image remains both frightening and saddening. Also it's cruelty would be revolting, did it not seem so true! A Romantic, Daphne most certainly was not, but what she did seem was just incredibly clear sighted!

Suggest you get original Hitchcock version or the Carlton TV one made in Kits Browning - Thursday, June 26, at Have recently got copies of books such as 'Hungary Hill' and a book of stories which are just as intriguing as Daphne Du Mauriers larger novels!

Have others read those books, were they earlier or later books, and what do you think of them in comparison with the other books. I hope to read a lot more of her books too.

Holly - Wednesday, June 18, at I have always wanted to see the video of the BBC version of Rebecca, but I live in Japan and I can do nothingor I don't know what to do to make my dream come true Reiko - Tuesday, June 17, at I know it isn't commercially available, but can we start a campaign or something?

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This is a huge oversight on the part of the BBC and really ought to be rectified for the sake of fans of good drama and Jeremy Brett everywhere! I'v been reading this novel for a few days,and not through yet Mel Gibson is either US or Oz. Sorry Sam - Wednesday, May 28, at Best Wishes Sam - Wednesday, May 28, at The tape must be about as old as cassette tapes or close at least. That much I can determine.

Beyond that I don't know. Although I can't recall that much about the film, I think they were well cast as Phillip and Rachel. What an expertly-layered psychological merry-go-round. I have found myself sitting in my car, not going anywhere, but just listening to the progressing drama. I marvel at DuMaurier's human insight. She is easy to appreciate in that regard. Any help on who it is I'm listening to would be appreciated. And thanks to the keeper of this site.

Somewhere for an insomniac poet to go late in the night for company. That was my favourite book for years, before being displaced by 'Lord of the Rings'. Katherine was the long time companion of John of Gaunt, bearing him four illigitimate children, who eventually became important in British history, after their birth was 'put right' I was pleased to hear that you, John, was at the du Maurier Festival in Fowey; I was ther too for the whole event, staying at the 'Safe Harbour', up the hill just behind the church.

I wonder if we passed in the street-like 'ships that pass in the night'. I particularly enjoyed 'Captain Correlli's Mandolin, and the talk of retired TV film reviewer Barry Norman; although many other items will stay with me too! They intend doing internet business in second hand books, so they represent a major outlet for all things DdM etc. Anne is particularly knowledgeable on all things DdM; indeed, it is she who is writing all the Reviews we find here, and which are 'hopefully' useful for students and readers alike.

I wish Anne and David 'good luck' in their new venture. Sam - Tuesday, May 27, at The site looks wonderful! As with everyone here, I've been busy Sam, you once mentioned some other authors you enjoy along with Daphne DuMaurier. My you do have good taste in reading. I have read several of the authors you mentioned.

I became so engrossed in reading Green Darkness I couldn't put it down. Thanks for a tip that has brought even more enjoyment to my reading time! Our local library is starting to carry more DuMaurier books, so I can finally start reading soo many her books that I couldn't seem to get my hands on before. I finally got to read The Loving Spirit, which I had been searching for, for quite some time, and I absolutely loved it. And I just got a copy of Echoes from the Macabre.

I can't wait to get started in that one. Happy reading to all! Maari - Saturday, May 24, at Was she an immoral, manipulative and heartless femme fatale? Or was she a beautiful and tragic heroine, much misunderstood and misinterpreted? Was her death a crime of passion? Or cold blooded murder? And after ploughing through odd pages, these questions were still not answered completely.

The only new bits, discounting the new characters that were introduced to facilitate this investigation into Rebecca's life, was that we learned a little about Rebecca's past, before she met and married Max -- about her childhood and her mother's purported affair with Max's philandering father.

A rather over the top plot line I thought. But even here, doubt was constantly being poured onto these new bits of information, so that you really feel as of you're taking part in some kind of futile exercise!

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I couldn't help but wonder what the point of "Rebecca's Tale" was, since it raised questions, but resolved very little, except to make one of the investigators, Ellie, realise that there were worse fates than ending up a spinster.

Briefly the plot of "Rebecca's Tale is as follows If you don't want to know look away now! The arrival of this package coincides with the arrival of a mysterious young man, Terence Gray, who for reasons of his own, is digging into Rebecca's past. At the Colonel's behest, Gray teams up with the Colonel's daughter, Ellie; and soon, the two are busy interviewing the local people who knew Rebecca, and reading her diaries. The picture that emerges is a slightly confusing one, and more questions are raised than answered.

Also, the portrait of Rebecca that emerges after reading her diary for the year of her death is not a very flattering one: But is this the real Rebecca? That is the question that both Gray and Ellie must decide. And this of course leads to the big question of how she died.

Did she plan the course of her death, using Max as an instrument of her death? Or did Max finally snap and decide to be rid of a wife he no longer wanted? The problem, for me, is that "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier, is one of my all time favourite gothic novels. I remember reading this novel for the first time with great fondness. I also remember taking to the nameless heroine, the second Mrs.

Nothing about this novel made me change my mind about these feelings or notions. There was no new dimension or facet to the mystery that was Rebecca and everything remained ambiguously the same. Rebecca remains the enigma that she was in du Maurier's novel, and I just felt as if I had wasted an entire afternoon on nothing.

Its been a hobby of mine for several years now, and its a pleasure to see it grow in appeal and usefulness. We have just returned from the Festival in Fowey where we had a wonderful time, with a waterside cottage and even a launch moored outside, at very reasonable rates. Our only regret is that we did not book to visit more events, but hopefully next year. We particularly enjoyed the 'Rebecca' guided walk and Patrick Moore's talk.

The final concert was a real experience - as 'Snake' Davis put it - 'The Poshest Tent he's ever performed in! It is some while since I last visited this site. Keep up the good work, I will e-mail this site to my friends across the water in Canada and America.

Rebecca being one of my favourite novels, I decided to read more of her and have just finished the amazing Jamaica Inn.

I have never been so absorbed or excited and pride my self on reading a lot of varied literature. The local library doesn't have them. I'm a Japanese woman, teaching English at a high school.