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Elaboration Good practice manual with regard to wastewater treatment in the fish canning industry, focused on innovative processes. Case studies will be carried out at Conservera de Esteiro, S.

definicion autoritarismo yahoo dating

Case Studies LIFE SEACAN will demonstrate the flexibility and robustness of biofilm technologies with two case studies, one based on promoting the development of aerobic granules in a SBR and the other one combining suspended and fixed growth in an innovative hybrid bioreactor Biofilms are complex and coherent structure of cells spontaneously formed as large and dense granules or growing attached to a surface, which can be static or mobile.

The implementation of biofilm-based systems increases the retention of biomass within the bioreactor, resulting in an improved volumetric conversion and easier separation from treated water. Organic matter and oxygen diffussion along the biofilm structure promotes different environmental conditions and concentration profiles, allowing a more diverse bacteria consortium able to accomplish with different treatment pathways, i. Therefore, there are different types of biofilm systems depending on several design aspects and process variables.

Aerobic Granular BioReactor Industrial references using aerobic granules can be found in several countries, but none of these are focused on removing the pollutants present in the effluents generated in fish processing industries.

Previous lab-scale studies about the stability of an aerobic granular reactors fed with wastewater from the seafood industry showed stable performance treating organic loading rates up to 4. Based on those previous experiences, a demo-scale Aerobic Granular BioReactor will be designed and built as SBR to promote the development of aerobic granules and to carry out a complete optimisation of the process variables.

Hybrid Biofilm Reactor The use of biomass grown on carrier materials have been widely used for anaerobic treatment of different highly loaded wastewaters.

definicion autoritarismo yahoo dating

However, the number of references using hybrid aerobic biofilms to treat industrial wastewater is scarce, and negligible in the case of fish canning industries. In case study 2, an aerobic process will be developed in a packed bed reactor where biofilm will grow attached to carriers, integrating an additional stage where suspended and fixed biomass will coexist.

It is expected that this innovative configuration will provide high flexibility treating variable organic loads and excellent performance in terms of nutrient removal. Expected results Expected results LIFE SEACAN aims at those industries whose activity relies on the sustainability and good status of marine environment but, however, are exerting significant pressure in the sea derived from its industrial activity.

More cotton will virtually not load static and it is stranger to allergies. It adapts to very high washing temperatures if its dyes are solid. Supports the great heats and the machine. If extension under a force of traction to 3 times its length, he quickly resumed its shape when the traction ceases to be applied.


Dorlastan, Glospan, Amey, Lycra. It is bonding more simple that one can achieve in this technique. The jersey is mainly used by the clothing industry.

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The jersey can be realized in cotton, linen, viscose polyester, polyamide, etc It's a fiber strong and brilliant, giving fresh and absorbent fabrics that wrinkle easily. During the effort, both wet dry, they allow great freedom of movement and comfort.

Fiber spandex invented and manufactured by Dupont which the markets since This fiber can stretch up to 7 times its length and immediately recover its original length as soon as the voltage stops.

It can be used in all fabrics and blends as well as synthetic natural fibres.

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It is never used alone. Lycra provides the elasticity necessary to underwear that better follow the movements of the body and allows them to keep their shape and size initial. This fiber really helps a greater freedom of movement, it brings long holding time, comfort and fit, freedom of movement, perfect maintenance.

definicion autoritarismo yahoo dating

Ideal for lingerie and night of luxury linens. It is soft, supple and silky, for high comfort. It has the particularity to remain flexible and soft even after several washes. The modal is particularly absorbent and breathable. The modal has an analogy of behavior comparable to that of viscose. Their appearance is glossy, Matt or colored in the mass. Filament yarn obtained after reeling from the cocoon produced by the larva of a butterfly silk fibre is very absorbent: