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"And there's nothing better than spending it with your spouse or girlfriend." the year? David Aebischer has the magic stick, and torments Linus Omark (VIDEO). The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Linus Omark of the Buffalo Sabres. Date, Opp, Score, G, A, Pts, +/-, PIM, Hits, Blk, PPG, PPA, SHG, SHA, GWG, S, S% . Convince handicap dating site the fire-eater who shouts humiliatingly? gratifying and hit by the Neale linus omark yahoo dating dried up, sold exceptionally.

Lost dump in chases to forwards all night. Both Brossoit and Horak got a brief look in Edmonton last season that was not so much a cup of coffee as a demi-tasse. The two had spent considerable time together on a crackerjack line in OKC; indeed, their pro career trajectories have been very similar indeed: Horak has scored a little more in the NHL, Lander a little more 0.

What is eerily similar to both players, though, is the unusual distribution of games played. Both guys appear to have been rushed to the NHL before really being ready at age 20, took a step back in the lockout season, and continued to apprentice in the AHL deep into their age 22 season.

Seems like the Oilers may not be the only Alberta-based team to be guilty of putting the cart before the horse. Moreover, just as the Oilers did with Lander, they put the rookie pro in the middle of the ice where he got owned on the faceoff dot He has to feel comfortable with his coach.

And management has to support him. But init's still a time to lay the foundation for tolerance. Like having Brendan's brother Patrick, a scout for the Philadelphia Flyersadvocating the end of "gay slurs" shouted between players and from the stands. It will take men of courage, gay and straight, to break this cycle. The hockey establishment must do a better job of establishing a safe haven for gay athletes.

We need to work on ending the use of homophobic slurs as an insult most recently seen in the embarrassing pictures taken of Chicago Blackhawk Pat Kane and a "Pronger is Gay" slogan ; Kane just a few months ago wore a dogtag reading "In Honor of Brendan Burke" with the rest of his Olympic hockey teammates. We need to ensure that locker rooms are a place for bonding, not division. For far too many people, coming out means choosing between things that they love: The hockey world needs to make it clear that gay athletes do not need to choose between living their lives honestly and playing the game that they love.

It has more of an effect on people than is realized. He's a good commissioner, a good promoter and even grower of the game, and a very smart man. What he isn't is in any way likable and seems to lack basic interpersonal skills that could serve to make him a tolerable person to which one could listen, and that, at the end of all this, is the reason he's all but being pelted with garbage on the streets these days.

He also had the benefit, in the past, of dealing with pretty much clueless union heads, and found it easy to bully them.

He was criticized, roundly and rightly, for using a lockout as a negotiation tactic against Don Fehr and the union, rather than a last resort, but the reason he did it is because, as with the previous two times, he thought he could get away with it. He didn't count on Fehr not being as big of a pushover as Ted Saskin, which seems a grave miscalculation on his part.

Sabres get Linus Omark from Oilers for draft pick

Puck-in-pants tally in running for weirdest goal of the year ] Bettman's biggest crime therefore isn't ruining this sport we all love so much except him and Fehr, who we're repeatedly told are basketball and baseball guys to the very marrow in their bones, as if that has anything to do with anythingbut rather entering into negotiations of this new CBA with no plan in mind. How many times has he said, "This is the best offer you're going to get," only to have him sweeten it a few weeks later with more provisions that can be viewed as concessions to the players only through the prism of the absurd opening offers the league made in the first place?

It's always important to remember that Bettman serves at the pleasure of the owners, and they ultimately steer the ship. If Jacobs and his cadre of saber-rattlers tells Bettman to do something, and the commissioner doesn't because it's not in the best interest of the game, then Bettman's the one calling other leagues looking for a job.

Those guys let him enter into these bitter negotiations with no understanding whatsoever of what they were up against, and no cogent plan for dealing with things when Fehr didn't shakily scribble his name to the first offer Bettman slid across the table. He should never have been a part of this negotiation given the lack of preparedness clearly on display, and given the general acrimony already surrounding him, though again that's part of his job, to helpfully deflect hatred from the owners and onto himself.

Linus Omark intends to pursue career in Europe after being released by Buffalo Sabres

Gary Bettman's not bad for the NHL. Poorly negotiated collective bargaining agreements are. We just got done with one, and they let the guy who wrote it try to fix his own mess, and that very rarely works out for anyone involved.

What We Learned Anaheim Ducks: Andrew Cogliano just recently realized that bad posture isn't a good thing when you're a top-class professional athlete.

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This lockout has been a real help to everyone. Malcolm Subban is killing it in the OHLand singlehandedly dragging his team along with him. Though his Belleville Bulls are currently in first place, and have allowed a league-best 54 goals in 22 games, that's despite their having scored just 52, the lowest mark in the O by 10 whole goals.

Something really interesting the Sabres are doing during the lockout: If you're a team employee, you can take "classes" with the organization to learn what other departments do. For instance, accountants could learn about what Hockey Ops does, and so forth. Those accountants, though, would probably shake their heads in disappointment over, say, the Ville Leino deal.

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Lanny McDonald has a strong commitment to autographsand also mustaches. Man, look at the soup strainer on that guy.

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Since the lockout began, Kirk Muller has played more golf than he did in the previous four or five years combined. Good practice for whenever the NHL gets around to having the playoffs. One very underrated thing about the lockout is that it's allowing players to raise a ton of money for very, very worthy causes, and Jonathan Toews is just the latest to have done so.

Sports Illustrated recently called Avs owner Stan Kroenke the most powerful man in sports. Bad news for Columbus and Ryan Murray.