Utakata es un jinchuriki yahoo dating

utakata es un jinchuriki yahoo dating

Of course, young jinchuuriki lacked the skills needed to this, and ended up Sasuke was brooding, Sakura was thinking about the ways to go on a date with Sasuke. . story = 34 hit/visitors = / ( hits *YAHOO*, thanks, everyone!) Feeling his fellow jinchuuriki's presence, Utakata turned to face Naruto. They had no jinchuuriki as the Sanbi was reforming and Utakata, .. Well, that doesn't matter for now he has a date with Kurenai and went to get ready. " Yahoo, all the rookies are here in one spot" Kiba yelled as he came. Main · Videos; Oscuridad u obscuridad yahoo dating jinchuriki yahoo dating utakata es un jinchuriki yahoo dating informalismo caracteristicas yahoo dating.

The genin are at an acceptable level for these exams and I feel that they are ready for this. And Naruto of all people is by for the most ready one for them" Kakashi said staring at Iruka. Naruto is not like you and neither are the other genin. Are you trying to get them killed! Perhaps it would be wiser to wait a year. It's what I did and it was a good decision and I am certain my youthful genin can take them on now" Gai said seriously to Kakashi as well.

Iruka needs to understand that the genin are no longer his ninja, they are mine now. If I say they are ready then I bet all my competency and reputation as an Elite Jonin when I recommend them and I know of all my genin Naruto is the most prepared among them all.

Iruka was about to yell back at him before he was cut off. I want Iruka, Kakashi, Kurenai and Asuma to stay behind after the meeting" the Hokage said seriously in an authoritative tone. There was panic as soon as he said that and Iruka looked even more worried about what was going to happen in these exams. This came from Jiraiya's spy network and I want every jonin sensei to warn their genin about a ninja named Gaara who is an unstable jinchuuriki to the Ichibi, tell them to avoid him at all costs but don't tell them about the jinchuuriki part as Suna may get suspicious as to how we know the jinchuuriki's identity.

We will closely monitor the Suna ninjas and I will have Jiraiya look into this more. If Gaara comes close to releasing a bijuu then we will strike.

I want everyone here to be cautious of Suna ninjas as they must have lost their minds if they are sending an unstable jinchuuriki or they are planning to betray us in these exams and attack. I am slowly pulling our forces back from the elemental nations to the village so as not to arouse suspicion from the Suna ninjas as a safety precaution. Iruka immediately started, "Hokage-sama, this is madness. These are rookie genin and you are sending them to a death match with an unstable jinchuuriki.

They will be killed! If they fail then they are not going to the exams regardless of what the jonins say but if they pass then Iruka you will have to drop this. The other two jonins nodded and so did Iruka. Everyone, dismissed" he said and the four of them left Naruto and the rest of team 7 were ordered to gather at Tenchi bridge under Kakashi's orders.

Fill in your names and details and report to the academy at roomtomorrow at 9AM sharp. The choice to take these exams are individual and if you don't feel ready then you can try next time. If you do take these exams then I have been told by the Hokage to warn you guys that under no circumstances should you fight a ninja named Gaara.

He will kill you brutally and you will not stand a chance against him. This will let me get one step closer to killing Itachi and stop with these ridiculous chores called missions. I will fight that Suna Ninja and prove the might of the Uchiha" Sasuke thought as he immediately filled out his form. I dunno if I can do this Sasuke-kun needs us for the exams! He will wipe the floor with the competition and sweep us off the floor and ride a horse with us into the sunset and proclaim his love for us!

We need to do this! Naruto signed his form as well and while thinking about Gaara and what Suna is going to do in these exams. The three of them left, not noticing the disguised Ame ninja stalking them. Konohamaru was visibly sweating. An Ame ninja comes out of nowhere and holds Moegi hostage and wants Naruto to show up.

He searched the village and found the boss and brought him to the place the ninja was holding Moegi. Naruto made a kage bunshin as soon as Konohamaru came to him and told him to go with the kage bunshin and told Konohamaru that he would follow from a distance to get the drop on this guy.

I want you to steal the sacred scroll of sealing or the girl gets it" he said as he held Moegi with a kunai, "Now get to it! You're holding a konoha civilian hostage, in the middle of the village where there is no escape path or anything. When are you going to release the kid and how will you escape the Hunter nins? Are you going to keep the kid with you until you reach Ame which is quite a while and you would have to stay alert and keep watch on the kid for 6 days straight.

To be honest you're about as smart as your "hostage"" Naruto said. He was purposely drawing out the conversation so original Naruto had the time to make a Kage Bunshin and arm him to the teeth with exploding notes.

Then the clone Kawarimied with Moegi. Kawarimi works easily so long as the chakra you put into the jutsu exceeds the chakra capacity of the target or they could resist it. A Naruto bunshin easily had more chakra than a kid in the academy so it worked and was smokeless. The Ame nin looked at the hostage and saw a Naruto bunshin smiling while covered in exploding notes. Most of them were fake as this guy was going to the T and I department in one piece.

The ninja let go on instinct and was about to run away before the Naruto clone in front of him called out "Fuuton: A strong gust of wind was generated and it knocked the Ame ninja off his feet and was blasting him though a few trees.

Naruto called out Soru and became a blur. The Ame ninja was trying to get ahold of himself and tried to use chakra to stick to a surface but Naruto appeared in front of him and called out attacks. The Ame ninja was getting up but Naruto wouldn't let that happen. The Ame ninja was floored but the force of impact on the ground managed to push him up and he used it to get on his knees slowly and painfully. Naruto dropped onto his left hand and got below and behind him and twisted and called "Cotellete" and kicked his ribs from behind and kicked his lower back with his other leg and called "Selle".

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He pushed hard from his hand and got above his opponent while he was falling down in pain and kicked him in the chest and said "Poitrine". Then he stood and spun and kicked him in the legs, "Gigot" and the Ame ninja was sent flying. Naruto used Soru to get in close and nailed him with one final kick to the side of his head, "Mouton Shot". The Ame ninja was sent to unconscious land as he went headfirst through a boulder.

A normal man would be dead but lets face it these are ninja so he survived because he sent chakra to a body part to cushion a blow before he was hit. Lets go with that. Naruto walked over to him and some shadow clones henge into rope and tied up the Ame ninja to a tree. He then placed fake explosive tags on him again and linked them with some ink in fancy patterns.

This looked like it would trigger an explosion if he tried to escape but in reality it did nothing. But the moron from Ame didn't know that. He then went back to the clearing where the three kids were waiting for him.

Konohamaru had stars in his eyes and was doing his best "Puppy eyes no jutsu" to get the boss to teach him that awesome move, Moegi was grateful to be safe and Udon was asking for an autograph. They obliged reluctantly and went with Naruto-bunshin, while Naruto Sorued to the T and I department and handed over the knocked out Ame ninja to Inoichi who was with Ibiki and explained what happened. They were surprised at how dumb this plan was and took the Ame ninja off Naruto's hands.

Kakashi was wearing one heck of a grin when Iruka showed up. After he woke up from being knocked out by Naruto he woke to see Ibiki's creepy smiling face in the middle of the Torture and Interrogation department while sitting on a chair with nails.

After Iruka was trying his best to explain what happened and ignore the stabbing pain, they had Inoichi mind walk into him and found his story to be true and let him go. Then Iruka went to the hospital to get treated for the beating Naruto gave and for his rear end.

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After he was healed and had an ice pack strapped to his rear he went to Kakashi who was trying his best not to laugh. It was a good thing he tested Naruto last but Iruka didn't see it that way. He was shadow bound by Shikamaru and made to punch himself, then chased around by a giant rolling boulder that was Choji, given a headache from Ino's mind jutsus, juukened by Hinata and he never remembered her being so vicious in a fightnearly shredded by Kiba, covered in bugs by Shino, continuously peppered with fire balls from Sasuke but the Uchiha collapsed from exhaustion before Iruka could get hurt, he was shrieked at by Sakura and that's not even a real jutsu, it just plain hurt like hell for his eardrums and was sent to the hospital by Naruto.

From every other genin he escaped and was taking it easy but Naruto nailed him by surprise and knocked him out. He couldn't escape from whatever fuinjutsu trap he put on him as there were exploding notes on him. That was the main thing on his mind. You know as well as I do that the teachers when he started out were heavily biased against him. He purposely took on the mask on an idiot and kept his real skills hidden to avoid their hatred of him. Put it this way, would a teacher fear a strong demon or a weak one?

But that mask slowly became his reality and it was only after Wave and some crazy stuff that happened there that shook it off before it was stuck on him for good, psychologically speaking of course," Kakashi explained to the best of his ability, "Naruto also worked day in and day out until he could no longer move every day.

It comes as no surprise at how strong he is considering how hard he worked to reach it. That is why I said Naruto has the best chance at becoming chunin".

He's like my little brother and I will not let anything happen to him, that I promise. Iruka bowed and went back to the hospital, his head is still ringing after the hits he got from Naruto but one thing was one his mind. He quickly got up and brushed, showered, ate a big enough breakfast to make sure he has enough energy to get through the day and wore his usual clothes of blue and black with a protective layer underneath his clothes and put on his Straw Hat.

He left and used Soru to reach the academy in good time and was there by 8: As he climbed the stairs he noticed a flock of genin huddling around a room on the second floor that had a room with a sign saying room when it was only the second floor.

He didn't know much about Tenten but Lee of all people would floor these guys because he knew how hard he works every day. He then realised they were downplaying their skills. Clever, but staying anonymous was more suited for him and he was better getting the drop on others as others would never notice or and he made sure no one in the exams knew anything about him.

A chunin needs to be a leader who stays strong and tough, not a little girl like you" one said and Naruto knew that was Izumo, henge'd into Kotetsu's younger self? Seriously, that was the best disguise they could manage?

He realised this was an unofficial pre-test and any smart genin would just go to the next floor and ignore this. This is the second floor but we're supposed to go to the third one" Sasuke said while smirking that he saw through this stupid trick. Naruto face palmed and forgot about him and he would blow the whole test and make more participants enter. Izumo and Kotetsu were sweat dropping at the Uchiha and wondered if he had his head on right.

Any normal ninja wanted more chance of success.

Utakata VS Pain - La Caseria del Rokubi - Naruto Shippuden

He saw through the trick but made it harder on himself? They caught themselves and tried to stay in character. Sasuke saw red and went to attack Kotetsu with a kick, he was going to retaliate with a punch but Lee suddenly appeared before them and caught both attacks.

Wasn't downplaying our skills your idea! What is the matter with you! Kotetsu was worried that the children of Konoha will be scarred if they see Gai and end up just like this kid and Sasuke was thinking "He was able to match my speed with ease! This guy could be a useful stepping stone to make me stronger". Everyone around him giggled and Neji grew angered, "Why you How old are you? Soon the crowd started to disperse and Naruto went up to Izumo and Kotetsu to apologise for Sasuke and they accepted.

Transforming into your younger selves and then switching it around? Are you guys really The two got angry and said "NO! He caught up to the rest of his team and went through one of the old halls for assembly in the Academy when they heard someone calling behind them.

utakata es un jinchuriki yahoo dating

My name is Rock Lee and may I know your name? There was a small time of silence as everyone present tried to comprehend this. Naruto was wondering what was wrong with Lee, Kurama was puking because he saw enough of that cheesy talk to the banshee in the kit's memories and Luffy was wondering if she was an evil witch that brews potions and makes innocent guys act like that to her and got Naruto and Lee with it.

Kurama and Naruto were sweat dropping that the only feasible explanation came from Luffy of all people. Naruto sighed and left.

He knew Lee was going to win and didn't want to be there when Gai shows up and does his mind scarring sunset genjutsu of youth or to hear Sakura scream that Lee cheated and both the guys in his head agreed and they left. Naruto got to room and saw Kakashi waiting at the door.

He explained that Lee had challenged Sasuke and wanted to win Sakura's heart and explained Luffy's theory and again Kakashi was shocked that a pirate with the mind of a four-year old came up with the only theory that made any logical sense. Kakashi couldn't blame him because he would do the same thing and decided to wait. I tell you this because I care but I want you to beat Lee. I cannot let my mini-me lose against Gai's mini-me so get your face mask on and defeat the flames of youth," Kakashi said sweetly.

Kakashi looked at Naruto and couldn't be more proud of him. After a while Sasuke and Sakura came up to the room. Sasuke came up with a slight bruise on his face and with Sakura was making her opinion vocal that Lee should be disqualified for hurting Sasuke.

Kakashi couldn't be bothered to talk to them about teamwork when they had none and just sent them in and wished them good luck. Naruto went into the room to feel a burst of KI but it was only genin level KI. Naruto decided to make a statement and make these guys take him seriously and shot up his KI and added a part of Kurama's KI and Luffy added a small portion of Haoshuku haki since he could only use a small amount of Haki in someone else's body.

The mix of KI and haki had the other genin cowed and he could have sworn one or two of them were knocked out and frothing at their mouths. He could see Gaara smirk in anticipation at fighting Naruto.

Ok, a lot is legal before the exam other than bodily harm and it's legal to psyche out the opponents but c'mon Konoha has to be cheating if they send in this banshee to pop their eardrums.

Sakura was about to yell again before Sasuke told her to shut up. Ino took a good hard look at Sasuke and remembered what her dad said about fangirls being equal to cannon fodder in wartime.

She dieted, stalked and professed her love to the Uchiha several times but all she ever got was a cold shoulder and insults.

Then she went to Hinata to talk about this as she was the only non-Sasuke fangirl in their class and she told her about what she thought about Sasuke and chose someone who was actually a good person to be the target of her affections and although it may take a while she felt happier with Naruto than with someone so rude and arrogant as Sasuke. Then she asked if she always knew Naruto was a hunk to which she blushed red as a tomato and Ino had caught her.

And that is why Ino didn't tackle Sasuke into a hug when Sakura was looking at her. She also thought of talking to Sakura about this but she knew that Sakura was obsessed to the point where it's just unhealthy for Sasuke and felt bad that she ended a good friendship for a jerk of a boy that only looked nice.

Choji was eating chips and unaware of Ino's inner turmoil or anything in the outside world to be honest. Of course the hot air balloons congregate, that's the point of air shows, right? Sasuke was smirking at the praise and replied smugly, "Don't run your mouth Kiba, someone as weak as you needs every advantage they can get". Kiba visibly fumed at this and Akamaru started barking.

Naruto couldn't care less and was staring at Hinata. He asked her a few times when they went to dinner who the boy was and tried to sound like he was just casually bringing it up but if he can't pick up a hint, how is he supposed to do this? Hinata kept blushing and looking away and it was maddening to Naruto that someone was lucky enough to be the one Hinata likes.

She's smart, kind, determined and really cute and wondered why he didn't try to be with her instead, who knows maybe it would be him instead of that boy she likes? Kurama was just speechless when he heard his thoughts.

Ok he wanted to see his face when he realises that the boy is HIM but how long is this going to take! He broke 3 iron walls from head bashing for crying out loud and just broke the fourth wall the Author put it back and slapped him on the wrist for breaking it!

Luffy was of no help and advised Naruto to find out who she likes and beat him up as that solved all of his problems when he was a pirate but Kurama told him that was a terrible idea but sadly it didn't get though to Naruto. He wasn't going to pick a fight but he really wanted to know who it was that Hinata liked and wanted to see what she saw in him!

Kurama broke down in tears of sympathy for Hinata and realised that if there was a god of patience it was reborn as Hinata. Hinata was blushing as Naruto stared at her and was hoping that hint number was the lucky one. Sadly, Cupid for some reason didn't like that number and didn't help. Shino just stood there silently, very silently. No wonder people seem to miss him if he doesn't do much in conversation. Kabuto came to them and said "Hey I wouldn't make too much noise if I were you, for a bunch of rookies you have attracted a lot of attention".

You must really suck! I have data on statistics, the number of genin from each village and their individual skills, including you guys of course" he said while smirking. Think of it as tipping the odds in our favour" and swiped his hand over the deck.

utakata es un jinchuriki yahoo dating

Shikamaru deduced from the way Kabuto looked at the cards and said, "Its also a nice way to see threats that we feel suspicious of but you don't know about and also that may mean that you haven't looked at the cards yourself either" "He could also be trying to earn our trust, but for what?

Kabuto ignored that and began to read out: No skills in ninjutsu or genjutsu but an astounding level of Taijutsu. He is on a team with Baki was a sensei and with Temari and Kankuro who are his siblings as teammates.

High skill in ninjutsu but no known genjutsu or taijutsu. He has gone through every mission without a scratch" "and is the Ichibi's jinchuuriki but can't tell you that".

Ino's dad had shown her small visual cues that show when a ninja is lying and not telling the whole story. They are his little tricks that he picked up over the years and told them to her and she saw 3 cues that he is hiding something and reminded herself to tell her team about this as it follows with what Asuma-sensei said to avoid this guy.

Everyone else tensed and wondered how a genin was given a B-rank and also came back without a scratch "And finally Uzumaki Naruto" and Sasuke perked up his ears at that part, Naruto went to get some water in the corner and channeled chakra to his ears to listen for just how much they guy knows and his ulterior motives as Kurama sensed that this guy practically reeks dishonesty.

Skilled in ninjutsu but limited jutsu list, no skills in genjutsu and unknown style of taijutsu made up of solely kicking attacks. He is a jinchuuriki and in wave he Naruto Sorued right back to Kabuto the moment he said jinchuuriki and swiped the card from his hand. He looked at the rest of it and his expression grew dark. It described his devil fruits, Rokushiki, Haki, Santoryuu and Black leg style and his partnership with Kurama! How did you come by this? Kabuto looked like his hand was caught in the cookie jar.

After he saw dead-last he just read everything carelessly and didn't think about it. He assumed that what he was going to read was something everyone knew and got careless.

He reprimanded himself that carelessness gets people killed and this is not the time to be careless. He looked sheepish and said, "Maybe I'm too good at what I do, sorry if I was invading your privacy. I won't read it out and you can keep it if you want". He had to regain his trust, or the plan was blown. Naruto placed his idiot mask back on and smiled and said ok and thanks.

Luckily from years of acting like one it worked and he channeled fuuton chakra through the card and it sliced to pieces. Kabuto looked innocent but in his head he was ticked as he was planning on stealing it back.

He worked years to gather data by placing a thin sheet of sensitive chakra paper on the Hokage's desk and cabinet. As soon as a document falls on it the paper is extremely sensitive to ink written on documents and fluctuates its chakra signature very slightly and is directly linked to his cards and it gives him all the data he needs.

It was extremely risky but Orochimaru-sama didn't accept failure and if he wanted something done he got it done or died. He never got to get a good look at it because Orochimaru never trusted anyone, not even Kabuto and he had been warned that reading a card before him will mean death and he agreed and read them out as Orochimaru-sama was disguised as a genin in this room.

But what could really be on that card anyway, he was the dead-last and the only actual bit of information was his jinchuuriki status and that was one of the lousiest kept secrets he'd ever seen.

Naruto made a sealless kage bunshin and told him to get to the Hokage immediately to tell him about this and the bunshin Sorued to the Hokage's tower. Meanwhile the others were wondering what a jinchuuriki was but some of the other ninjas present looked like he had the plague. The Suna ninja were worried at what he would be like considering their murderous younger brother and decided to keep their distance.

Shikamaru added the term "Jinchuuriki" to his mental list about Naruto, "Weird taijutsu style and the word jinchuuriki was the only thing important. Power of a human sacrifice, what does that mean? Part II Main article: Six-Tails Unleashed Utakata confronting Naruto.

Wishing to repay the debt of having his life saved, Utakata agreed to make sure Hotaru and her grandfather's secret technique would safely be delivered to her clan's village. Along the way, though, he met Naruto Uzumaki and his team, who had also been assigned to protect Hotaru. Seeing that the Konoha ninja were strong, he felt that he could trust them to guard Hotaru without him, freeing him from his debt.

He then left, despite Hotaru's pleas for him to stay, as he noted that he was not foolish enough to want the title of "master". Utakata ambushes the Magaki Group. Later on, he was seen resting under a tree, eventually falling asleep and having a dream regarding his past with Hotaru at the fort, which turned into a nightmare about his own master's betrayal. Shortly after awaking from this nightmare, Utakata spotted a flicker of a shadow, and decided to investigate.

He came across a group of bandits, none other than Akaboshi 's team, who were talking about the kinjutsu. Utakata confronted them and mused about taking the technique for himself, if it was so tantalisingly powerful. He then proceeded to fight them, easily besting them and their technique, until, however, they cornered him with a barrier, which then exploded with Utakata still inside.

Left hand of the Shinigami

When Akaboshi and his group managed to find Hotaru and surround her in the forest, Utakata arrived and saved her from the group, who were shocked to see him still alive and unscathed from their technique.

Utakata fled with Hotaru in a bubble to some place safe nearby. Utakata was about to leave Hotaru again, but Hotaru, trying to convince him not to leave her alone, partially took off her shirt, showing him something on her back that shocked him. Kiri Anbu restrain Utakata. Water Whip technique and began subduing him with their Lightning Release: The captain revealed to Hotaru, who he was holding hostage, that Utakata was in their bingo bookand was wanted for killing his master.

Naruto and his team arrived and managed to loosen one of the water whips holding Utakata. Both parties began to fight, but the leader of the Kirigakure Anbu appeared, and discussed the situation with Yamato. Due to Hotaru's insistence to be with Utakata, it was agreed that until she was safe, they wouldn't hunt him, but afterwards, they'd resume tracking Utakata down. Tsurugithe leader, asked Utakata to return to Kirigakure, saying that the village changed, no longer earning the nickname of Village of the Bloody Mist.

Utakata refuses, and says that he'll keep doing as he pleases. After the groups part ways, Hotaru begins hurting from an injury sustained during the earlier altercation. Utakata has Naruto collect medicinal herbs. When Naruto returns, he witnesses what was done to Hotaru's back, where her clan's kinjutsu was put.

Utakata voices his absolute disdain for people who selfishly take advantage of people's loyalty, only to treat them as tools. Utakata is shocked to learned that Hotaru actually requested for the technique to be sealed in her.

She explained that she wanted her grandfather's dream to restore their clan's glory to come true. When Tonbee voiced his sorrow that by now the clan had probably lost too much strength to ever return to such a status he suggested they end the potential danger of the kinjutsu by destroying it.

Utakata was surprised that Hotaru's grandfather had created a way to safely remove it from Hotaru's body. When Tonbee insisted that no true master would do such horrific things without a way to undo them, Utakata wondered if the same was true for his master, when Hotaru at first insisted, he slaps her, and later apologised. Rivalry beginning, ghosts, affinities, and the weapons mistress.

A single tear fell down Naruto's face as he remembered his surrogate Uchiha mother. He turned and spotted the alcoholic bijuu still drinking her sake and a question formed inside his head.

Left hand of the Shinigami

The drunken bijuu said "What he's holding is called [hic] chakra paper and when you focus your chakra into it, it shows you what your elemental affinity is [hic], your elemental affinity pretty much shows which element you work better with [hic], for example: That's pretty rare most people are lucky just having one, anyway yours are fire and lightning.

Naruto took his paper and focused into it; the paper split into nine pieces ,the first piece burst into a ball of flames the size of the banshee's forehead, the second crumpled into a ball, a VERY tiny ball, the third went splat on the ground with the paper mostly being liquid, the fourth turned to dust, the fifth had frost on it, the sixth turned into lava, the seventh grew tiny branches and sprouted some leaves, and the last one had no reaction but it fell quickly into the ground becoming imbedded into the earth.

Tazuna then asked "What does that mean? As to why Naruto-kun has so many would be thanks' to me; It's a little known fact that, depending on the number of tails your bijuu has, equals the number of affinities, also it appears Naruto-kun's most powerful affinities are fire lighting wind and gravity.

I'm the rookie of the year and an Uchiha prodigy. What is the source of his power? Flashback one month after the Uchiha massacre Naruto was sitting in his seat, looking out the window during recess, still trying to cope with the loss of his surrogate mother when he heard rumors going on about that Sasuke, the last Uchiha, was coming back to the academy and speak of the devil literallyin came the emo in all his emo glory.

The blue-eyed jinchuuriki thought for a moment 'Maybe I should tell him what Mikoto-san told me. As you said, my mother was a traitor to my clan's cause; just the same as Itachi; no matter the reason, he's still a traitor just like my weakling of a mother.

At a random training ground Naruto was at a training ground hitting several practice dummies but he wasn't training, he was just smashing them in a blind rage; four of the twelve dummies were completely shattered and a fifth one was on its way to being useless.

After taking a few moments to catch his breath he noticed that his knuckles were covered with splinters and, in another fit of rage, he went through several hand-signs and shouted "Fire release: Fire ball jutsu", sending a large fireball at the other dummies.

When it made impact he fell to the ground in exhaustion. He then heard a familiar and melodious voice say "To increase the effectiveness of fire techniques don't force them out; instead, breathe them out like a deep breath. The blonde ran up to her and hugged her with tears in his eyes, crying "I missed you Mikoto-san.

The blue-eyed jinchuuriki asked "What true form? Monsters like him try to make their targets look bad in order to justify their crusades; if something can help them achieve their goals, they gobble it up like sweets and when it's useless they toss it aside; monsters like Sasuke can't be bought, bullied, or reasoned with; all they want is to watch the world burn.

They are nothing but rage and hatred embodied, making them an 'empty' monster. Time-skip one month later Naruto was fighting Sasuke in a taijutsu match. Ever since his encounter with Mikoto's ghost, he picked himself out of the gutter and started training to be the best, and the blonde started to take ALL of Iruka's lessons more seriously; developing his skills, both mental and physical.

Naruto sent a left jab and ducked underneath a kick aimed for his mid-section and then countered with an upward axe kick aimed for the emo's head but the fight was called and Iruka said "Sasuke fifty-six wins; Naruto fifty-seven. Next to the hideous monster was a mini-clone, a guy with pale white eyes and long hair. She immediately had stars in her eyes and asked "May I please see that sword? The reason she attacked Konoha is because she was forced to; I'll explain the details later.

Well being unyouthful isn't your style Kakashi, so I'll give the benefit of the doubt. After a while, crocodiles! Finally the reviews mile stone so far I've got reviews 21, hits favs and alerts. Thank very much everyone! I'll do my best to make great chapters thanks again everyone!

Also in chapter 3 I forgot to add Fem. Haku so she's in the harem. This chapter contains minor yaoi so don't flame me if you find this offensive it was meant for humor and credit for various suggestions goes to Ccebling ; Thank you This fan-fic was brought to you by Scarface and grandmaster BETA reader Agent of Doom AoD: Fear my powers of editing! Beware the drunken fist! Everyone was in utter shock at what the mini-clone was doing and Tenten said "I don't know why but he's always had a thing for pinky over there, and whenever he drinks sake the results are always a big, screwed up disaster.

Lee started kissing the back of a struggling Sasuke's neck until ZAP! Umeko appeared with a cattle prod and said "No [hic] gay boys allowed. Kakashi took a defensive stance and blocked Lee's wild punches, Neji sent a few strikes to the drunk boy's left arm making it go limp but the drunk fuzzy brow countered, sending a downward axe kick making the Hyuuga go face first into the ground and Tenten attacked with some senbon that were covered in sedatives.

They hit his mid-section, making him groggy. He then went to attack the blonde swordsman. Naruto drew the crucifix-like blade and swung it, but no damage was done to Lee until the blonde placed the sword on his back. He then flicked the blade causing a ping and then what appeared to be several strikes suddenly appeared all over Lee's mid-section. Everyone turned to the blonde in shock. Said blonde asked "What? He then said with anime tears in his eyes " This act of unyouthfulness has stained my honor; I must commit seppuku to cleanse this unyouthfulness!

Gai then exclaimed "Lee you've trained your body so hard that no normal weapon can easily break your skin so therefore committing seppuku is impossible for you. Tenten then asked "Hey Naruto, what was that technique you used on Lee?

Flashback during one of his training sessions The blue-eyed jinchuuriki was training with his sword 'Wailing Darkness', when he heard a voice say "An impressive blade, though you could use some more skills. After all, a weapon is only as good as the user. She took off her mask revealing her face; she had ruby red lipstick, beautiful green eyes, a perfect hour-glass figure, mid C-cup breasts and two swords on her back in an X shape. Naruto then asked "Who're you? The purple-haired ANBU's eyes widened at this and then she started assigning the clones different lessons and stances.

A few days later Naruto was sitting on one of the posts at training ground 7 waiting for his sensei when she appeared and asked "Ready Naruto-san?

Why are you helping me? She wanted to be Hokage just like you, and just like her you have the same talent, drive and aptitude for kenjutsu. I never figured out what this meant but maybe you can. You know, it's rumored that if you can kill one of the seven swordsmen of the mist, you can get one step closer to that goal. I'd say that you're no normal genin; in fact, you could be Hokage right now if you had some more jutsu and experience under your belt; here's the data I have on your skills.

It read 'Uzumaki Naruto: High kage; learns almost any stance or style instantaneously. Highly skilled with the sword on his back which is much lighter than it appears and has small dagger hidden in crucifix necklace that easily pierces stone, both weapons appear to easily channel chakra, no matter the type; origins of weapons unknown.

Above high kage; unusually high levels of chakra, even for a jinchuuriki, chakra coils appear to be the most advanced in left hand and mid-section for reasons unknown.

The blonde was shocked and said "I'm really that strong? And I hope to see you again Naruto-kun. Then he gave Yugao a peck on the cheek and said, even though he didn't hear her earlier, "I hope to see you soon Neko-chan.

And his strength is unreal; you would be proud of him Kushina-sensei. Meanwhile The Shinigami was watching from far off smiling and spoke to herself "He's adjusting very quickly to my gifts and I knew he was a prodigy waiting to surface, he just needed a push in the right direction. Wouldn't you agree Miko-chan, Kushi-chan? One was the kind-hearted Uchiha, Mikoto, and the other was a woman in her early thirties with long red hair that went to her knee-caps; she had violet eyes and mid D-cup breasts.

She was Uzumaki Kushina; said red-haired woman asked "While I'm happy that my sochi is becoming a legend and that I get to see him soon, but why can't Minato come back with us?

However, he summoned me during the Kyuubi attack, causing his chakra coils to burn out. Most people think I'mthe one that kills the summoner, but it's the summoning itself if you summon a being such as myself, a creature that can control life and death at will. Then, as a result, your charka coils burn up and once the chakra coils are fried to that extent, the soul itself is permanently damaged, resulting in some cases a raving lunatic and that's in the best case scenario's, so therefore I can't bring him back.

I will have to teach him about it later. Present time Everyone was shocked at the blonde's story and a certain banshee called him a liar the jinchuuriki chuckled and handed Gai the same file after reading it out loud the results were: So this act of unyouthfulness can be ignored.

But Tazuna had it the worst and suffered a heart attack, causing him to collapse. Five minutes of inexplicable carnage later The youth-crazed duo was sitting on the ground covered in snowman like lumps on their faces while Umeko scolded them saying "Our mission is to protectour client, not assassinate him with your freaky genjutsu! Yes we're very sorry Umeko-sama. Umeko leaned over to Naruto's ear and whispered in a serious voice "Naruto-kun, that rabbit's fur is white.

It should be brown in the summer, so it must be domestic.